Jessica Wielitzka

Phoenix Mill

At one time, a walk across the bridge to Harmar would have included the sight of a huge building sitting just off to one side. Sounds of machinery and men’s voi...

Attempted Murder & Suicide on Second Street

It was May 1 of 1861. A beautiful spring day was closing on the town of Marietta. A door opened on a nice house on Second Street, just above where Scammel Street intersects. A gentleman stepped outside, his appearance orderly and wealthy, and his wif...

Fighting Bawds

With charming Victorian mansions looming over quaint brick streets, it is hard to imagine that this town was once a booming and vibrant city. People from all ki...
Jessica Wielitzka

Jessica Wielitzka


Jessica Wielitzka is the owner of Hidden Marietta Tour Co. which operates tours and events based on the weird, the shocking and the spooky side of history. She spends her days happily surrounded by dusty history books, old photos and her 5 cats.