Jennifer Bryant

Give Local MOV Returns May 5th

Each year since 2014, the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation has hosted an online fundraising event called Give Local MOV. Julie Posey, the PACF’s Development and Communications Officer, said that since the founding of Give Local, more than $1.5 ...

One Way to Help? Give Blood.

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has impacted every state.  The number of positive cases continues to rise faster by the day as more people are tested. Many...

Rubi’s Salad Haus

It all began with a little kid and a bucket.  If you had told five-year-old, (or even 15-year-old), Zac Cerqueda that the day his papa put him on an upsid...
Jennifer Bryant

Jennifer Bryant

Author & Photographer

Jennifer Bryant is a transplant to the MOV from southern WV via Pittsburgh. She, her husband, two daughters, and two dogs live in Parkersburg. They enjoy traveling, sports, board games, and good food. She also enjoys reading, photography, and politics.