Frankie Love

The Face of a Dying Art

There is an old adage that states “there are two things every man should have in this life: a good bartender and a good barber.” Now of course this shouldn't pe...

Date Night: Batman v Superman

(Warning: This review contains spoilers) He said: For nearly three years, the hype for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, much like Hulkamania, ran wild. So,...

Film Review: Age of Ultron

(Warning: This review contains spoilers) He said... As a comic book fanboy and a fan of what Marvel has been doing with their cinematic universe for the most part, I went into Avengers: Age of Ultron with very high expectations. Especially after th...
Frankie Love

Frankie Love

Franklin Love grew up in Parkersburg with hopes of being a Power Ranger. However, once he realized that was never going to happen he settled for something in the arts. By day he is failing his way up the corporate ladder at Spencer Gifts in the mall (the store that was cool when you were 12), by night he is a writer, actor, podcaster and trying co-founder of a production company with one of his long time friends. He also enjoys comic books, hockey, binging on Netflix and video games and pizza - both hot and cold.