Emily Rowley

Memorial Health System Offers Community Update

On Wednesday, leadership from Memorial Health System held a virtual community meeting via live streaming video to update the local press and community on how the Washington county healthcare provider intends to move forward following Ohio governor M...

The House of Wines Offers Fancy Food To Go

For those in the know, a quiet stretch of highway between Marietta and Devola has long been home to some of the best dining in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  The House of Wines, a combination restaurant and retail space specializing in craft beer, cigars and...
Emily Rowley

Emily Rowley

Author & Photographer

Emily Rowley is a freelance writer and MOV native who recently completed her Master's in English and creative writing. She enjoys gardening, coffee table books, British television, walking in the woods, and alternating complaining about and vehemently defending her home state. She lives in Parkersburg with her large dog, three-legged cat, and many houseplants.