Chris Swarr

Gunlock Park

The Marietta Trail Network has recently opened a new system that offers features unique to Marietta and the surrounding region. Located adjacent to the Pioneer ...

Winter Bicycling

Bicycling is an activity that is both healthful and fun. Cyclists not only improve their fitness and agility by riding, they also get the added benefit of experiencing the beauty and freedom of traveling through the outdoors. Residents of the Mid-Oh...
Chris Swarr

Chris Swarr


Chris Swarr is a husband, teacher, member of the Wood County Parks and Recreation Commission, and decade-plus member of RVMBA. Along with mountain biking, he enjoys a variety of other pursuits, especially those that allow him to get outside. He is also proficient with an adze hoe, and is always happy to instruct anyone willing in the finer points of its use.