Cassidy Ruppenthal

Where’s the Wine, Guys?

It’s no surprise that the complaint we hear most often is that there is nothing to do in town. With so many larger cities within a couple of hours of the Mid-O...

The City of Yarn

You may have noticed some foliage around town that isn’t native to the area; and I’m not talking about plants. It seems as if overnight, the city of Parkersbur...

Emerson Library Reopens After Renovations

Saturday February 17th, the Parkersburg and Wood County Public Library had its grand re-opening to unveil their much anticipated renovations. The library now features a main entrance in the back parking lot to welcome keen readers and researchers, ma...

Local Brew and Wooly Pigs

Breweries aren’t just establishments that brew and serve beer. For many people they are a home away from home. Unlike most city bars these businesses encourage ...
Cassidy Ruppenthal

Cassidy Ruppenthal


Cassidy is a literature lover with a passion for writing. While also working full time, she spends her days reading, writing stories, photographing nature, and having nights in with her fiancé and guinea pigs: Beatrice and Queso.