This week, we asked you to take a few moments to take this brief survey on what you think about Clutch MOV. We appreciate each and every one of you who took the time to fill it out (and if you haven’t yet, you still can via the link!) We are in the process of creating a comprehensive strategic plan for Clutch MOV and your input – as members of our community and readers of this publication – is extremely important to us. Why? Because everything we do, we do for you. (Corny, but true!) If we aren’t providing services you care about or adding value to our community, we want to know so that we can make a change.

So what have we learned so far?

Clutch MOV is local, informative, and community-focused

The first question in our survey asked readers to list three words they most associate with Clutch MOV. The words most frequently used include: local, community, positive, informative, quality, and innovative. It is affirming to know that these words are being used to define what Clutch MOV does – because all of these elements are crucial to our objectives as an organization.

We need to diversify our coverage

The word “Marietta” popped up quite frequently, too – which tells us that we need to do a better job at providing more thorough coverage spread out across both Washington and Wood Counties. We try our best to cover the entire Mid-Ohio Valley, but we can always do better. If you are interested in helping us expand our coverage, please shoot us an email at to let us know!

Clutch MOV contributes to increased community pride

The second question, “What do you value most about Clutch MOV?” served to uncover what aspects of the organization were seen as most important or useful to our readers. Responders were asked to choose their top three. 70% of those who responded valued the fact that our content contributes to an increased appreciation for the Mid-Ohio Valley. 51% said they valued quality stories and imagery, where 50% said they valued discovering new things through our content or through our social media channels.

We need to spread the word!

We also asked readers to answer, “In an ideal world, what could Clutch MOV be?” While a few responders chose not to take this question too seriously (i.e. ‘A Taco Truck’ – hey, don’t we all!) most clearly defined what they would like Clutch MOV to become. A few said they would love to see more stories and images from communities other than (downtown) Marietta and Parkersburg. Another wished that coverage of local business was more wide-spread. Most responses shared an optimism and a desire to see Clutch MOV grow and succeed.

An overwhelming majority said they wish Clutch MOV were the major go-to site for all things MOV, and that more people knew about and read our content. We couldn’t agree more! The more you read and share the stories we publish, the more you help spread positive, local content across the Mid-Ohio Valley. As a volunteer staff, we do not have a marketing budget – we rely on social media, our weekly emails, and our readers to distribute our content each week. Every time you explore our site or share a link to one of our stories, you help us grow! The best way to make sure you see all of our content is to sign up for our weekly email newsletter. There are no algorithms determining which emails you receive – so you can count on receiving new content every single week. Have a friend who could use some positivity in their life, or who is looking for a way to find information on local events? Encourage them to sign up, too!

As we work on our plan, we will continue to ask you for your thoughts and ideas, and we will share our findings with you. If you have any questions or if you would like to share additional feedback, don’t hesitate to give us a shout!