MOV Red Tent Summer Festival

When: July 29 10am-8pm
Where: Betsey Mills Club and Marietta College Green
Entry: $40 per person

This summer we are taking a day out for ourselves! Summer break doesn’t just have to be for the kids, we ladies should get to play too! ​We are taking the retreat and turning it into something BIG: a Red Tent Festival! We have more areas and activities for you to explore! While each vendor offers an activity or experience for included in entrance fee, they will also have more in-depth experiences and items for sale as well. The day is yours to arrange as you will, try a little of everything or really dive into just a few fun experiences.

Movement & Music: Local instructors will lead workshops that get you moving! Dance with your favorite instructor or try something new!  Also on stage we will have local musicians; relax in the shadow of the tent and enjoy the tunes.

Self-Care (located inside the COOL Betsey Mills Club): Time for a little pampering! There are many local ladies with the amazing talents of making us look and feel fabulous. Meet them here and find your new best friend. All Self-care activities will take place inside the Betsey Mills Club, where it is nice, cool and private. We will create a haven of relaxation in the self-care parlors

Hidden History & Folklore: Discover the roots of our area, from the strong female pioneers of Washington and Wood Counties to the evidence of ancient cultures in our own traditions and practices. Learn about those that came before us, and gain a deeper understanding of your background and family. Meet local historians, do a little digging into your own ancestry, understand Appalachian Folk traditions, & delve into your past and future with Tarot
Arts & Crafts: At the winter retreat, we had a great time painting our inner Goddesses, weaving beautiful necklaces and bracelets and lovingly crafting our worry dolls. This summer, we want to do all that and more! Weave a flower crown, create a mask, learn some helpful fix-it skills and get out those paints to bring some color into your life!

Playtime with Pasky’s Sports: Re-discover the fun of childhood through play! Pasky’s Sports are providing an array of fun experiences from archery to water fun!​ That’s right, Cool Down Water Fun: Yes, it is July and it may be HOT! So we are offering you a chance to cool down with water games & free ice cold water
Confidence: Workshops, confidence building exercises, affirmations and healing!
​Relaxation pods will be located in shady spots throughout the festival. A cool, air conditioned location will be available in the Betsey Mills, as well as bathrooms.

Our Summer Festival will be located at the Betsey Mills Club and the Marietta College park right across the street.

Entry price is $40 per person, a lunch option will be available through Jeremiah’s Coffee House for an additional $10.

Festival begins at 10am and lasts until 8pm

Each vendor will offer an experience for free, but will also have items to sell! Bring some cash and show your support for local business owners wishing to bring you a fun day!