Popularity for healthy living in the Mid Ohio Valley is growing rapidly, with many thanks to the individuals and small businesses that have made changes in their own lives and seek to help others do the same. Let’s face it, eating and living a healthier lifestyle is no easy task – it takes dedication to stay on the wellness path and knowledge of what we’re really putting into our bodies. So much of our culture is fast-paced, on the go, consuming easy to acquire food and it’s almost always bad for us.

Yellow & Blue Greens, owned and operated by Parkersburg native and musician, Jesse Smith, is helping to reduce the inconvenience of eating well with the local cultivation of microgreens. Seeking a better way of consuming food for himself as a vegan, Smith dove into the fundamentals of growing these plants. When it comes to food, he said, “I want to create a scenario to have karma-free abundance” and that he has had a serious interest in agriculture for a long time. The only trouble is that he hasn’t had the experience or land required to run a fully operational farm. But after some research, Smith discovered the concept of urban farming and microgreens.

Microgreens contain more nutrient density than their adult counterparts.

Microgreens are essentially infant plants that are harvested at their true first leaf stage, known as the cotyledon stage. This is the primary difference between microgreens and sprouts, which are germinated in water as wet seeds and eaten as they begin to “sprout” their first root. Microgreens happen to be one of the ultimate superfoods, even more so than their adult “parent” plants. How? These powerful little plants contain up to 4-5 times more nutrient density than the full-grown crop.

For example, we often think of broccoli as a superfood – a broccoli microgreen, however, packs an even bigger nutrient-dense punch and happens to be one of the tastiest greens out there. This is just one example of the endless varieties of microgreens that can be grown, and Yellow & Blue Greens is growing more than seven varieties weekly! Imagine a salad full of your favorite veggies, all the flavor, and up to 5 times more nutrient density, in one meal. Amazing! There are several ways to prepare microgreens, salads being just one of many.

Microgreens can be grown sustainably indoors.

As he began growing different varieties of greens for himself, Smith realized that what he was doing could truly help other people in the area obtain quality, nutrient-dense food. So he started growing and cultivating more for family and friends. This quickly evolved into a lucrative business as the demand for these powerful, delicious greens went through the roof. He obtained a new growing space, expanded his ever-increasing operation, and is now providing these wonderful plants to many individuals, as well as local businesses and restaurants.

“I don’t think the perception that we are entitled to everything makes any sense… If our food is being weaponized, isn’t it time we do something about it?”

Not only does Yellow & Blue Greens have a mission to provide quality, local nutrition to our area, but to also help educate others in knowing that what we put in our body can truly change our lives. Smith aims to convey that making changes now can alter things for our lives personally, as well as ultimately helping to heal our planet with sustainable practices. By starting with the things we do every single day – eating, drinking, transportation, water usage, etc., we can work toward reducing our carbon footprint.

Smith tends to a tray of microgreens.

Smith’s mindset behind all of this is that he wanted to try something new that could help benefit everyone in his community. “I don’t think the perception that we are entitled to everything makes any sense… If our food is being weaponized, isn’t it time we do something about it?”

The impact of growing sustainable foods like microgreens holds immense positivity on our health, communities, as well as the environment. Consuming microgreens on a regular basis does not only benefit those seeking a healthier lifestyle, but it can also benefit those suffering from illness and disease by assisting in alleviating some of their health burdens. Although, anyone who is experiencing discomfort brought on by illness should consult their doctor. Microgreens have the potential to greatly impact the overall health of everyone who consumes them regularly.

Yellow & Blue Microgreens are available in several local businesses and restaurants.

With current plans to expand its reach, Yellow & Blue Greens can be found in several locations in the Mid Ohio Valley. Those interested in buying these lovely, local microgreens can find them at Scot’s Landscaping & Nursery in the produce section, on a salad at Rubi’s Salad Haus, or you can also make orders at Mother Earth Foods. In addition, custom orders for personal use, businesses, or restaurants can be made by emailing Smith at yellowandbluegreens@gmail.com with delivery options available. Try these flavorful and nourishing plants for yourself and fall in love with microgreens!