A new initiative aims to eliminate the cost of college for students in the aftermath of the pandemic at Washington State Community College (WSCC). While COVID-19 impacted many students’ plans to pursue college, now it is time for students to get back on track.

Washington State Community College is pleased to announce its new Community Impact Grant, a tuition assistance program established to help members of the community emerge from the pandemic through education. “We know that so many people in our community changed or delayed their plans to attend college due to the pandemic. And for others, the last year has been a catalyst for them to start considering college as a part of their future,” said Reba Bartrug, WSCC Director of Enrollment Services and Financial Aid. “Washington State is here to support students as they work to make their dreams a reality.”

The grant covers tuition for up to 15 credit hours (approximately $2,475) and is available to anyone who was impacted by the pandemic and enrolls at WSCC, including new or continuing students. Students can also apply for and receive other forms of financial aid, including the Pell Grant, to help cover additional educational expenses like books and transportation. “Washington State has always been proud to offer an affordable pathway to a degree. But this grant is exciting because it’s an incredible opportunity for students to attend college for free,” explained Bartrug.

Additionally, WSCC offers other resources to students impacted by the pandemic, including a COVID Emergency Grant that assists students with personal expenses, child care, course materials, transportation, technology or internet. The college also provides a special circumstance form for students who have had a significant change in income, including but not limited to the loss of wages or income. Using the form, the Financial Aid department can determine if the student qualifies for adjustments to their aid eligibility. Finally, students who currently receive the Pell Grant or have been impacted financially though COVID-19 may qualify for a $50 discount for broadband services through the Emergency Broadband Benefit.

“Washington State believes in student success and is committed to providing students with resources that will help them succeed during uncertain times. There has never been a better time to start college. The financial assistance that is available now is the silver lining to the challenges that our students and our community have experienced over the past year,” noted Bartrug.

The Community Impact Grant and other COVID-related assistance is awarded to students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students are encouraged to apply for funding immediately to cover tuition and other expenses for the fall semester which begins on August 16. Funding applications are available here. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at Washington State Community College at 740-568-1908 or  finaid@wscc.edu.

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