What’s in a name? Well, to us, everything! At our very first Clutch MOV event, we were asked “Why Clutch?” by a very wise soul. Why we had not thought to post about, or even discuss how our name came to fruition is beyond us. Our only explanation is that sometimes the most obvious topics are the ones right in front of our face. So, here is the story.

One of our early Clutch MOV meetings consisted of four women getting together at Chams Lebanese Café in downtown Parkersburg to discuss possible names for our publication, which we initially referred to as “Project.” Everyone had been asked to brainstorm ideas to present to the group. We were looking for a name that could appeal to everyone without limiting us in any way in regards to content or the demographic we were trying to reach.

Confluence was of course mentioned, as a fun word that is often used to describe our geographic location on a map, meaning “the junction of two rivers”. In no relation whatsoever to Gwen Stefani, Holler was another candidate, meaning “a small rising valley region between two hills or mountains”, or to give a shout-out to someone. Then Sierra pulled out a piece of paper with the word Clutch arranged in various forms, and it just clicked.

Thus, Clutch was born. She reasoned: To a woman, a Clutch is a purse that is meant to carry only your most meaningful items. Small, slim, efficient — if it is in a woman’s clutch, you know it’s essential or dear to her heart. To a man, however, the Clutch is that ethereal connection between driver and engine that links heart and soul in the most sacred bond between man and machine. A bond that is matched by few other companions in this life and that in the simplest of gestures, a “shift” if you will, conveys the emotion of “let’s move forward.”

Finally, the most widely used definition of Clutch means “to hold tightly or eagerly onto something.”  Whether native to the area or newly arrived, we are all looking or have found something to grasp onto here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  We want, above all else, for you to find something new, old, or re-discovered to hold onto that makes this region meaningful to you.

That day, over some baklava and amazing hummus, Clutch came to mean something special to us.  It is our hope that you continue to hold our region, our stories, and our people close to your hearts.


* Men’s perspective on Clutch kindly provided by Nick Arnold