And it’s so much our fave that we launched a brand-new advertising campaign exclusive to local events in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

“We often hear that there isn’t enough to do in the MOV, and as someone who is constantly on social media scouring the abundance of events offered across the region, I can honestly say this isn’t the case,”shares Sarah Arnold, Founder & Owner of Clutch MOV.

In an effort to further amplify the great events that are happening most every week in our region, we are excited to now offer an Event Advertising Package that connects local events to the young, smart, and social audience of our magazine. Many event hosts in the MOV are seeking a target audience that traditional media outlets struggle to connect with: young professionals, influencers, and those that are passionate about all things local. We’re proud to share that our target audience is exactly that: young, smart, and local. In fact, over 60% of our audience is between the ages of 18 and 44 – the ideal event-goer.

“I’m proud of the quality content we produce, alongside our team of writers and photographers. The level of engagement we have with residents, tourists, business owners, and more in this community is encouraging and, in looking forward and identifying goals for 2019, we realized that we wanted to create more opportunities for folks in this community to benefit from the engagement of our magazine,” says Cristie Thomas, Clutch MOV Outreach Manager.

Every month, thanks to the engagement of our readers, our website sees over 12,000 page views with over 8,000 unique visitors perusing our content. Additionally, with our current Instagram reach of over 12,400 followers and Facebook organic reach over 18,000, our social media following continues to climb daily.

We want to utilize our engagement to support local businesses, nonprofits, civic organizations and more in their pursuit of marketing and advertising for their events. Our Event Ad Package includes:

  • featured listing on the MOV Community Calendar
  • featured event in our weekly newsletter
  • published as featured event on our LiveMOVInstagram account
  • published as an Instagram Story with a direct link on our primary Clutch MOV Instagram account
  • 25% off one month of a digital ad of choice on our website

The total value of this advertising package is valued between $500 and $650, but we’re so excited to get rolling on this brand-new initiative that we are offering this rate for only $250 (or $200 for nonprofits).

“Truly, Clutch MOV is here to celebrate all things local in the MOV. When the public engages together with local events, our communities are better for it – people coming together, enjoying the company of each other, supporting local organizations, and making this place special. That’s what it means to support local,” shares Arnold.

Learning more about our Event Ad Package is super easy: simply reach out to us on social media or email for more information. In the meantime, check out our other advertising options!