With her debut release, Traci Goode is bringing a much needed female voice to the MOV music scene. “Until You Feel Alive” was released on January 27th, and was written, recorded and produced by Traci herself. The eleven songs on the album span from slow and hopeful to catchy and upbeat revenge tracks. Traci may be a solo female artist, but her music can be aggressive and full of emotion. This isn’t a sleepy album of piano ballads. Using stripped-down recording methods, Traci’s songs don’t hide behind layers of auto-tuned vocals and synthesizers. These songs can grab you with just an acoustic guitar.


Traci knows how to write a hook. Every song on the album is catchy in its own way. No matter the tempo or attitude, the song will come around to a huge chorus that sits in your ears for days. Songs like “Hurt” show how you can let out your internal frustrations while also making an incredibly well-crafted and immediately enjoyable song. Some musicians are great lyricists, but have trouble presenting their words in a condensed and catchy package, others can write a great musical progression, but have to use the word ‘baby’ 50 times to fill a song. Traci Goode does both, and she does them well.

The album begins with a few aggressive tracks. “Nobody’s Home” and “Stay Down” are direct and to the point. “I Won’t Be There” slows things down a bit, with a chorus that climbs. This song will bring out your inner Whitney Houston, and I do not recommend singing along unless you’re alone. “Fool’s Gold” is a standout track, a slower song that features a beautiful chorus.


The middle of the album has several gems including my favorite, “Hurt.” With lines like “You bought the painting for the frame, and just threw out the art,” Traci shows that while this is her debut album, she has the lyrical skill of someone who’s been writing for a long time. “Bulbs Burn Out,” “Tear It Down,” and “Until You Feel Alive” are on the softer side of the album, but still pack the usual lyrical punch that Traci is so talented with. The grittier attitude returns towards the end of the album with “Backbone” and “Gone.” Again, for the album closer, I do not recommend singing along, as you will be disappointed with the results.

Traci Goode is a unique voice in the MOV music scene. Her voice is powerful and full of emotion. Traci includes Stevie Nicks as one of her main influences, and it shows. She brings out the attitude of women like Pat Benatar and Courtney Love, but with songs that are more reserved and presented in a more pop fashion. “Until You Feel Alive” is available now on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon, but you should really pick up a physical copy at a show. Get out and support local music!