“Did you save room for dessert?” is the dumbest question I think I have ever been asked. Even if I have not saved room for dessert, I am going to have it. If I am so full I could bust, I sit up straighter (my philosophy is that this makes more room in my stomach) and prepare for the best part of the meal. I love desserts. That is the bottom line. Need proof? Check out #alieatsdesserts on Instagram! Over the past few weeks I set out on the mission to discover the top 10 desserts in the MOV and these are my results!

1. Blondie Ice Cream Sundae from Spats Restaurant & Lounge at The Blennershassett Hotel

This sundae is perfect! The blondie is chewy, warm, and loaded with chocolate chips! The creamy raspberry chocolate chip ice cream compliments the warm blondie perfectly.

2. Cream Cheese Baklava from Chams Lebanese Cuisine

This baklava is a famous item on the menu for good reason. The flaky pastry is a perfect shell for the sweet, smooth cream cheese filling. Take my word that just one will not be enough!

3. Chocolate Thunder Cake from Third Street Deli

This slice of heaven- I mean cake- is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth. The rich chocolate icing is layered thickly on top and throughout the dense chocolate cake.

4. Strawberries and Cream form Rubi’s Pizza & Grill

Once you have eaten a heavy dinner of pasta or pizza, this light and refreshing dessert is the perfect end for the meal! I felt slightly less guilty for finishing the entire bowl knowing that under all the sweet cream was a healthy fruit.

5. Pecan Praline from Spats Restaurant & Lounge at The Blennershassett Hotel

This dessert is just as delicious as it is beautiful! The pecan tuille is perfectly crisp and adds to the flavor of the smooth praline ice cream. The caramel and chocolate sauces make a perfect topper to this delicious dessert.

6. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich form Smitty’s Pizza

This ice cream cookie sandwich is made with humongous cookies and soft serve ice cream. They offer homemade chocolate chip, oatmeal, and peanut butter cookies with a generous amount of vanilla soft serve ice cream in the middle.

7. Swiss Chocolates from Holl’s Chocolate

You cannot go wrong when choosing amongst the wide variety of chocolates that Holl’s offers, but my personal favorite is the Classic Milk Chocolate Truffle.

8. Sea Salt Carmel Cake from Mangos

The sea salt caramel cake is extremely moist and full of flavor! Each layer of cake and salted caramel melted in my mouth.

9. Cake Doughnuts form Wild n Wonderful Doughnuts

At Wild n Wonderful you get to design your own fresh and hot doughnuts, and then watch them be made! There are many different coatings and toppings that make the options endless.

10. Cream Cheese Brownie from JR’s Doughnut Castle

The brownie-to-icing ratio is exactly as it should be- equal! The rich cream cheese icing is the perfect addition to the delicious brownie.