In 2018, a brand new business came on the scene in downtown Marietta breathing life into a previously vacant space. Threadz, first launched as a men’s wear and skate shop, is now Threadz Boutique and carries a wide variety of women’s clothing, accessories, and more.

Initial owners Tayla and Jordan Lerch opened Threadz in July of 2018 with the support of Tayla’s mother, Darla Kemp. An aspiring business owner herself, Darla eventually joined in her daughter’s adventure with the addition of upcycled furniture to the shop. However, in 2019, with some shifts in ownership and merchandise, Darla became the full-time owner of the newly-envisioned Threadz Boutique and transformed the storefront into a full ladies boutique.

“As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to own my own business. I’ve had many different ideas about what I wanted. I quit my job as a receptionist at Marietta Memorial Hospital to refurbish furniture and work with my daughter every day in the shop. After a lot of talking and persuasion, I decided to go ahead and give it a try on my own. With Tayla’s help, we regrouped and revamped their shop into my own!” said Darla Kemp, owner of Threadz Boutique.

I chat with every person I see and get to know a little bit about them.

When the business changed hands, the entire vibe changed too. Once bold black painted front doors now are coated with soft pink. And, where men’s skate tees used to hang now are racks full of women’s blouses, scarves, scented candles, wallets, jewelry, and more.

“Once I took it over, I knew I had to nix the skateboards as I knew nothing about them. So once the skateboards were gone, I decided to do away with guy’s clothing as well. Once I decided to go to a full women’s boutique, it was game on!” said Kemp. “We changed the entire look; we painted the front doors pink to give it that extra girl-mode, added several more styles to market young and mature ladies alike, added different vendors, and just gave the shop a whole different atmosphere!”

Threadz Boutique has become a cornerstone of activity in downtown Marietta, actively participating in community events, hosting First Friday specials, opening their doors to local organizations to host pop-ups, and actively promoting the town. 

“I’ve gotten to meet the most interesting people being down here. Not only other business owners, but tourists, people just passing through, my regulars, and locals. I chat with every person I see and get to know a little bit about them. Even if it’s simply asking what they’re looking for that day, what brings them in town, or where they’re from. I’ve even gotten to become friends with many of these people!” said Kemp.

Being a small business owner in Marietta is truly a dream come true.

The downtown shop at 179 Front Street not only offers women’s clothing for day-to-day wear but also formals during Prom and Homecoming seasons. This addition to the traditional women’s apparel scene offered downtown has been hugely successful. 

“I have girls come and say they traveled an hour or more to come to look at what we have. That’s so exciting to me. We offer consignment gowns, formal shoes, and jewelry. It’s a lot of work and even more rewarding to see the girls walk out with the perfect gown at a very reasonable price,” said Kemp.

While downtown Marietta is home to a variety of women’s clothing and accessory boutiques, the volume of shops has created a women’s fashion destination in the district. When a shopper is looking to purchase women’s clothing, jewelry, or accessories, downtown Marietta is a one-stop opportunity to go door-to-door and find the perfect items. Downtown business owners embrace this mentality in support for each other, and Threadz Boutique has benefited from the supportive atmosphere of Marietta’s historic district.

“Being a small business owner in Marietta is truly a dream come true. All of my neighbors are helpful, insightful, and uplifting. We’re a community. They say it takes a village, and downtown is my village,” said Kemp. “I come in every day with a smile, full heart, and thankfulness.”