When we first began to define what Clutch MOV would be, the word “positive” came up in conversation more than once. We wanted to make sure that whatever we did made a positive impact on our readers and the Mid-Ohio Valley. We decided that we would not publish anything that would shine a negative light on our community or its residents.

This isn’t to say that we believe life here is perfect. We know there are things that happen here in the Mid-Ohio Valley that are less than desirable – but we don’t feel as though it’s productive to draw attention to those things. We believe that we can make a bigger difference by focusing on the good and right, and by encouraging others to join us.

We are a little different from other local media outlets. For one, we aren’t a news network – we don’t have investigative reporters out and about trying to find the latest scoop. We are all currently volunteers, so we aren’t getting paid to produce. We don’t go for shock value – we will never try to stir up controversy or create a ruse for attention. Instead, we are a magazine – we curate our content monthly and we write about those things which we are passionate about and are able to experience ourselves. As we aren’t owned by a larger corporation, we guide ourselves through collaborative staff meetings and inspired brainstorming.

To me, this is an important distinction to make. It gives us freedom when it comes to content. There is no pressure for us to write about anything in particular – so we then choose to write about the good. We highlight people, places, events and businesses who are making a difference and moving the Mid-Ohio Valley forward. We encourage residents to explore and engage, to make their own impact. We want to write about this area in a creative and thoughtful way, elevating the conversation above the basics. While we may not accomplish this in every article, this is our goal and something we are always working towards.

We hope that our content is making a positive difference in your life, one way or another. We hope that you’ve discovered something new or found a renewed appreciation for the Mid-Ohio Valley. Or formed a new friendship, or learned something you didn’t know before. Whatever it is, know that this is why we exist – and why we will continue to publish positive, creative coverage of the MOV.