Fall is my favorite time of the year in the fashion realm. Why you ask?  Because of all the different layering techniques that can be done, of course!  This is the time to play with your wardrobe and have fun. For this feature, I was able to partner with Emma from EmLeigh’s & Mama B’s with some of her new fall products to illustrate some styling tips. You’ll also notice the beautiful artistry of local make-up artist, Abigail Gedon of PWDR Beaute’ when it comes to pairing the perfect colors for this look.

If you follow me on social media you already know that I think every gal should own a little animal print in her closet. It just adds an impact with little effort. Leopard print specifically works well as a neutral base. Don’t be afraid to play with different neutral tones because they can work really well together. Think of how picturesque the desert can be. Why is that?  Well, if you really think about it all of the neutral tones are typically represented which makes it appealing to the eye. I always recommend searching color palettes in Pinterest or Google images to inspire you for color pairings. Specifically, I am showing you two landscapes as my inspiration.

When you look at this outfit pairing you can see a representation of both brown and gray. This specific gray works with brown because it has a warm undertone. I pointed this out because when it comes to neutral pairings it is important to find the right shades to complement the look and other colors being represented.

Many times animal print can intimidate or overwhelm people. With that being said, when I mention adding in another print with it people look at me like I have three heads. I know! It sounds like it would be a lot but I am going to break it down for you in two simple steps.

Step 1: Layer from underneath. A lot of people will use the phrase “it’s black and white” when they are trying to explain something that should be simple and to the point. Think of two neutral stripe colors in the same context. In this case, I am being very “gray and white.” Stripes can go with just about anything when it is the right colors paired together. 

Step 2: Add more warm tones to the look to create balance and tie in the gray with the browns. This open sweater does just that! It completes the look and makes it cohesive by bringing in all the different colors.

Fashion can be fun to play with especially when it comes to your own style.  It can be scary to go a little bolder than we are used to, but it can be a LOT of fun. Make sure and stop by EmLeigh’s and Mama B’s on Front Street in Marietta to shop some funky, on-trend fashions!

Model: Boutique Owner: Emma Conley www.emleighandmamabs.com | @emleighsandmamabs

Make-up Artist: Abigail Gedon of PWDR Beaute’ www.pwdrbeaute.com | @pwdrbeaute

Stylist and Author: Courtney Smith of Ran.dom.o.si.ty 7.4.0 www.randomosity740.com | @randomosity740