In a story such as The Crucible, the words on paper are pretty powerful. When brought to life by the actors on a stage, the story becomes personal and intense.

The talented cast of the Mid Ohio Valley Players bring such life to the characters that even watching from the audience, one begins to wonder if they are the next to be accused. Taking place in Salem, Massachusetts at the height of the witchcraft hysteria in America, the story centers around a group of teenage girls and the suspicion of nefarious doings they cast on the townspeople. After having been discovered dancing in the moonlight, the girls, including the town minister’s niece and daughter, begin to cast accusations on the men and women of the town, placing blame for “inviting the devil” on Tituba, the reverend’s slave, whom he brought from Barbados. Given the tight-knit nature of the people of Salem, a foreign girl, with different looks, different customs, and different language was the easiest of targets.

Abigail Williams, the Reverend’s niece, tends to fall at the center of the entire ordeal. Some claim she reacted out of fear of being condemned as a witch for her behavior. Many more believe that the entire situation was a carefully planned and plotted revenge to command the attention of a man that she believed should be with her, instead of his wife. No matter the intention, what became of that first statement, from one teenage girl became a chilling reminder that sometimes it does not matter if you are guilty or innocent, all that matters is how convincing the person making the claim against you can be.

The work itself was first performed in 1953 during the Communist scare of the McCarthy era. For as long as its existence parallels have been drawn between the turmoil of the witch trials in Salem and the accusations of Communism all over America. Many will go on to tell you that through every generation since, this story has remained as relevant as the day it was published. 

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