It wasn’t until recently, when I was driving through downtown Parkersburg that it hit me: I live in a really colorful city. It’s just that the colors are peppered in between blocks of browns and grays.

I’ve been looking at what it means to me to live in the PKB over the last few years, really. But these past few months, I’ve been digging deeper. When I imagine traveling to a different city, what draws me in is the charm of the “different”. I love to find what I feel are slices of something special. Here in Parkersburg, I love the beauty of our historic district. I love the heart of local graffiti, of hand-painted murals, of colorful brick, tile and sculpture.

Bigger cities may have larger, more prominent examples of these same things. But everything I love about traveling is also right here in front of me. I’m so proud to live in this beautiful town, and to see so many things I love about the world, right here under my nose. Colors of PKB by Michelle Waters