Thanksgiving is coming! Don’t give up on your workouts just because it’s the holidays, instead use them as motivation to keep up your daily sweat sessions. Working out with a “buddy” is always much more fun than working out alone and they will help to keep you motivated and on track.

So, grab a family member or friend and a ball (medicine, basketball, volleyball – any will do) and let’s get started!

This workout is set up as a circuit to be done one time through followed by a thirty-minute interval run followed by two more rounds of the circuit, but feel free to mix and match it for work your schedule. Let’s go!

Burpee Tosses: Complete for one minute. Toss the ball to your partner and both of you squat down and complete a burpee together. Upon standing, toss the ball to your partner and do another burpee. Keep doing this for 1 full minute.




Plank Claps: Complete for one minute. Both people get into plank position (knees or toes) maintaining proper form (belly button to spine) and alternate clapping hands.



Sit Up Tosses: Complete for two minutes. One partner stands and the other partner gets down into sit up position. Upon coming out of the sit up, toss the ball to the partner that is standing and lay back down into sit up position. Rise again and catch the ball from your partner. Keep repeating for one minute and switch places and do again for one more minute.




Push Up Rolls: Complete for one minute. Both people get into push up position. Each person does a push up and rolls the ball across to their partner. Keep repeating for one minute and alternate rolling arms.




Mountain Climber/ Squat Hold: Complete this for two minutes. One partner gets into a static squat position and holds while the other partner gets into plank and does 10 mountain climbers. Switch places and keep repeating this for two minutes.



Interval Run: Grab your partner and head outdoors for a thirty-minute interval run. Feel free to use any interval counts that you like but we are using :30 of walking and :30 of running. Don’t like to run? Then do a thirty-minute walk instead.


Once your finished come back and repeat the circuit two more times through. Always be sure to warm up, cool down and stretch with each workout.

Don’t forget Thanksgiving Morning at City Park in Parkersburg is the 37th Annual Parkersburg Turkey Trot. You can download a paper application or register by visiting Hope to see you there!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!