There’s no denying that when creative-minded people come together something magical happens. There’s a certain energy or spark in the room. One of the best things about working with a fellow creative is the enthusiasm and vision they bring to the table.

I had the honor and privilege to work with two creatives on this project. It all started with a single concept. I really wanted to have a photo shoot where I became part of a flower. There’s nothing more beautiful than a flower; the essence of femininity. I knew right away the two women I wanted to pitch this idea to; Caroline Waller of Passiflora Studio and Andi Roberts of Hot Tomato Pin-up Academy.

I messaged Caroline on Instagram and re-introduced myself (we had met in passing a few times but I wasn’t sure she would make the connection). She was amazing and instantly interested in working together on this project. I then asked Andi and she didn’t hesitate to jump on board. I shared my concept with them both and we set a date.

The day of the shoot I met Caroline at her studio and I brought a dress of mine that I was ready to re-design. I took tulle and did a lot of draping on this dress to make it more soft and whimsical. I also used some ribbon that Caroline had at the shop that was absolutely stunning. She and I chatted about life as we were both hard at work on our designs; me working on the dress and her on the floral designs and backdrop. Once I finished my part on the dress she added her floral magic. Let’s just say the glue gun was our best friend and chicken wire was involved.

Next, we had Andi join us to bring the vision together. She was able to completely transform this shoot into something soft and beautiful. When everything was all said and done I felt like I was part of a Botticelli painting.

It goes to show that when you’re a creator and you long to collaborate with others, you shouldn’t hesitate to introduce yourself and make a connection. That’s how I met both of these wonderful women…a simple, “Hi! My name is Courtney…”

For those of you that don’t know whom any of us ladies are, I am a fashion blogger and stylist while Caroline owns a floral studio. Andi has two photography studios; one of which consists of women empowerment while the other is family-based. There is so much talent in the Mid-Ohio Valley, sometimes you just have to go look for it.

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