Some people go to the mall to shop. I go to the mall to get my first look at race cars for the year!

For people like me, the moment race cars come out of hibernation after the winter off-season is an exciting time. Drivers and teams have spent the long, cold winter months in their shops making repairs and fixing everything up all nice and sharp for the first race of the year. What better time to show off all that hard work? And what better way to do it than to put the cars right smack-dab in the middle of the Grand Central Mall?

Collage of photos from past mall shows courtesy of Kevin Travis

Off and on since the late 70’s, the Mall Stock Car Show has been a Spring staple for fans and drivers. Four years ago, after several years of laying dormant, Steve Eddy and Adrenaline Performance Products took the initiative to bring the show back. With the help of new mall management, Eddy was able to revive the car show to the tune of 51 cars this year! “The new mall management has been great and fair to work with,” Steve said. Steve and mall management were able to work out a week-long lease agreement for the space which allowed all 51 cars to have to do no more than to call the Adrenaline Performance staff to reserve their showcase spot.

Haulers and trailers filled the parking lot and the unloaded cars lined the road outside of the food court entrance to the mall on Sunday, March 4th. Shortly after closing time, security expanded the doorway and the parade of cars made their way through the mall and into their assigned display spots. There were plenty of fans on hand spectating the well-organized event.

Throughout the week, the mall and Adrenaline Performance Products hosted autograph sessions and pizza with the drivers events where the Pizza Place offered discounts and giveaways for fans and drivers who participated.

The show is a great way for drivers to show off their cars and the sponsors who make their race weekends easier and possible. For Adrenaline Performance Products, its about more than just showing off race cars. “It’s a great way to bring awareness to the sport,” Steve said. “People always say there is nothing to do on the weekends in the Mid-Ohio Valley unless you’re a golfer or fisherman, but if it’s a weekend anywhere between April and November, there’s a dirt track race somewhere in the area.”

Dirt track racing is an inexpensive sport to watch. You can’t beat the amount of entertainment for the price to get through the gate! So, when you’re sitting at home bored some weekend, look up the closest dirt track and go see what the sport is all about!