My first Indian food experience was early in college in a smaller city in Iowa. It was definitely love at first taste. Though it sometimes changes depending on cravings and moods, Indian food is always a top choice with its unique and spicy (both flavorful and/or hot), as well as healthy and vegetarian-friendly. My favorite Indian restaurant experience was in London, England. I was there three years ago. A few friends were out at the “Award Winning Gay Bar” in Piccadilly Circus and it was recommended to check out a neighborhood of exclusively Indian restaurants and shops. For someone who loves good food, it was a few blocks of heaven. Down the blocks we walked with hosts of each of the eating establishments trying to bring you over with the best dinner deal.

While I haven’t had anything quite as mouth-watering as that experience, Star of India provides all my regular favorites and consistently prepares the food very well. It is adequately spicy and utilizes fresh ingredients. Below are some of my menu favorites:

Appetizers: Samosas, Vegetable Pakora

Entrees: Mutter Paneer, Malai Kofta

Other favorites for my meat-eating friends: Chicken Tikka Masala

And, you can’t forget the bread, one must order naan with their meal, if they are feeling adventurous the garlic naan would be my first choice. Further, on a cold day, or any day, one must try their hot tea they serve at the lunch buffet is excellent. It is sweet and just the thing to warm one up on these chilly days. The rice pudding with its sweet spices makes an excellent and light finish to a heavier meal. In addition to dining in, they also provide a convenient carryout service.

I often get carryout after a long day of work and the owners could not be friendlier. They always ask how my day was and specifically remember where I work and ask about that. Another popular option is their weekday lunch buffet. Stocked with many favorites and great options for those experiencing Indian food for the first time, it is a great lunchtime choice; though, if you prefer your food spicier, as I do, order off of the menu as the buffet is pretty mild in flavor as to serve many different taste preferences. Overall, I definitely recommend supporting local business such as Star of India and good food with a spicy, yet comforting flare.