Ringing in the New Year is celebrated a million different ways around the world. Some celebrate with fancy parties, fireworks, a dazzling ball drop, champagne toasts, or the singing of auld lang syne, while others opt for a cozy night in playing board games or watching movies. If you are one who looks forward to fighting off sleepiness with a stack of party games, here are a few of our staff favorites to add to your game closet this year!

Cristie Thomas: Quelf! It’s not a game for introverts per se but it’s hilarious and super fun and changes with every group you play with. Taboo and Scattergories are also  💯  That being said, my tops is always card games – poker, rummy, continental, sevens, hand and foot, whatever.

Kelsey Preston: Scattergories, it’s fun to see what everyone comes up with!

Margie Clayman: I always liked Taboo. Haven’t played it in years. Although it caused problems for some couples who didn’t get each others’ hints.

Angela O’Curran: I love the game Heads Up. Anything trivia-wise is fun to me, but HeadsUp takes reflexes too! 🙂

Brittany Hapney: My favorite is the Game of Things! It’s one of those games that can be as clean or dirty as you want to make it because you write in your answers. I’ve never laughed so hard while playing a game. It’s a party favorite at my house, for sure!

Laura Pytlik: I second Scattergories, and Taboo… and we always had fun with Outburst if it’s still around.

Joe Stephens: I’m old school, my favorite is charades.

Courtney Stone Smith: Cards Against Humanity… I just love dark humor!

Brooke Greenwood: Anyone ever played Encore? We always played it on New Year’s Eve when I was a kid. It really tests your lyrical memory, and you gotta be quick! To this day, I still pull out words from songs that I remember being used in that board game.

Tim Tuten: A group of my friends have a Game Night once a month hosted by Sarah Drake and we all play various board games and trivia, my favorites of these is a dice game called Tenzi and Cards Against Muggles! My all time favorite game to play with my friends is Sorry and Farkle.

Sarah Drake: The Logo Game, Picwits, Apples to Apples are some other good ones! If anyone needs anything having to do with board games, I’m your gal.

Sarah Arnold: One of my favorites is Taboo and I love it because the game never the same, depending on who you are playing with. The more life experiences you share, the more you have to draw from and the easier it is to read each others’ minds.