Attention babes and big shots!

If you’re headed to the Peoples Bank Theatre’s Speakeasy Party on February 2, word on the street is that you might be curious as to what you should wear.

My personal rule for a themed party is to have fun with your outfit and don’t overthink it. I’m going to share some awesome fashion photos from a previous Sparkly Ladies Night party theme because all of the ladies did an awesome job with their looks.

For all the doll-faces out there, you might go with a flapper-style dress with some fringe and a corresponding headpiece. If you do, don’t forget to layer on the long pearls. When I think of this era I think of Art Deco and The Great Gatsby. 

Another great accessory, especially for this time of year is a mink or faux-mink to wear. It creates great texture and supplies ultimate warmth for the cold that lies ahead.

Now for the men, I highly recommend a fedora, vest, bow tie and suspenders for the key elements of your look. It’s always helpful if you have a pin-striped suit too. Tap into your inner Al Capone. 

Shown above and below are a couple male outfit inspirations from a recent shoot for the Peoples Bank Theater:

So for those of you that have been unsure as to what you should wear, this should give you a good starting point! Be bold or be minimal – just have a good time with it.

Female Images: from a previous Sparkly Ladies Night 
Men’s Stylist and Cover Photo Stylist: Kitri Held
Cover models: Elliot Dodd, Torrey Archer, Abigail Gedon and Drew Tanner
Male models: Drew Tanner and Elliot Dodd
Photographer: Andi Roberts of Hot Tomato Pin-up Academy