Here at Clutch MOV we wholeheartedly believe in shopping local when possible. Our area has so many interesting stores where you can buy gifts for just about any person, for any occasion. What many people don’t realize is that most of these amazing stores have gifts for kids as well. I ventured out on Small Business Saturday to see just how many unique gifts I could find for the kids, and kids at heart. I present to you twenty five local gifts for less than $25.

Mantra Bracelets from Wit & Whimzy

Baby Gift Ideas from Wit & Whimzy

Wooden Truck from Wit & Whimzy

Crochette Moccasins from Wit & Whimzy

Kids T-shirts from Wit & Whimzy

Earrings at Wit & Whimzy

Children’s Book at SP Curated

Photo Album at SP Curated

Notebooks at SP Curated

Stamp Set from SP Curated

Sticky Notes from SP Curated

Kid’s Cooking Utensils from The Cook’s Shop

Plate from The Cook’s Shop

Tea Set from Sy’s Place

Bell Bracelet from American Flags and Poles

Necklaces at American Flags and Poles

Unique Crayons from Peddler of Dreams

Necklace from Dad’s Primitive Workbench

Soaps from Dad’s Primitive Workbench

Fairy at Dad’s Primitive Workbench

Clock from Kassell Music

Tambourine from Kassell Music

Rhythm Eggs from Kassell Music

Comics at Classic Plastics

Hot Wheels at Classic Plastics