A newly-launched event during Marietta’s annual Rivers, Trails, and Ales Festival is the RTA Beer Fest. Back for its 2nd year, RTA Beer Fest will feature over 15 regional breweries, a variety of local food trucks, live music, activities for the kiddos, and much more.

The first year of RTA Beer Fest packed 300 locals and festival-goers into East Muskingum Park to taste 42 beers available from 12 regional breweries. This year, 500 ticket holders will have the opportunity to choose from over 50 beers available from 15 breweries; the growth is an indication of the level of excitement produced by those passionate about support small business, local brewers, and unique community-based events like this one.

In celebration of good beer and great fun, Clutch MOV has partnered with the Rivers, Trails and Ales Festival to spotlight the 2019 lineup of participating Beer Fest breweries.

Brewery: Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co.

Location: Springfield, OH

Interviewer: Jeremy Stackpole, RTA Ales Director, with questions provided by Gavin Fury

Interviewee: Kevin Loftis, Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co.

When did the brewery open? Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co. opened in July 2016.

What’s the inspiration behind the name Mother Stewart’s? She was an early temperance activist in Springfield and beyond in the late 1870s until her death in 1908. Mother Stewart helped start the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.

Your strong suit appears to be classic styles impeccably executed. In today’s climate of extreme adjuncts and attention-seeking brew stunts, how has solid, straightforward craftsmanship served or hindered your business’ growth and development? It has proven difficult to stand out amongst the hype of new and crazy brews. It takes patience and I guess time will tell.

Which of your offerings are best sellers or customer favorites? Our Witbier and Disco Dancer are fan faves.

Last year you began distributing to Marietta, specifically to Weber’s Market. Do you currently have any plans to expand your accounts to other stores in the area or increase the variety and/or volume of product that you distribute? Distribution is tight! There is only so much shelf and tap space, so it really is up to the retailers to want to put it on tap, and, if it moves, keep it on tap which is very rare these days. A drinker’s paradise can often be a maker’s nightmare.

What draws you as a brewery to want to participate in RTA Fest? The nature of the outdoor recreation focus of the RTA Festival is at the heart of both my family and the business.

The 2nd annual RTA Beer Fest will take place on Saturday, August 10th from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. in East Muskingum Park on Front Street in downtown Marietta, OH. Tickets are now on sale! More information can be found by visiting www.rtafest.com.