Roseland Coffee Bar Hosts Fundraiser for Humane Society of the Ohio Valley

A Barlow coffee shop held a fundraiser for the local humane society, netting more than $300 in cash and several car-fulls of donated food, toys, and other supplies. Roseland Coffee Bar’s first-ever pet adoption event Saturday, benefitting the  Humane Society of the Ohio Valley, was well attended, with a steady stream of customers and adoption-curious visitors showing up throughout.

“We filled a cargo van with cat food, dog food, kitten and puppy chow,” said Collin Yost, part owner of Roseland Coffee Bar, adding that the event also attracted donations of cleaning supplies, pet carriers, blankets and more. “We were packed all day. We had all our parking full, people parking in the grass, and parked all the way down the road outside the shop entrance! [There were] easily hundreds of people throughout the day.”

Plus, a furry friend found a foster home as a result of the event, said Yost. 

“I think the highlight of the day was seeing how many people came out, and seeing at the end of the day just how huge the pile of donations was,” said Yost. “But overall, hearing that a dog from the event was being fostered for adoption from a couple who met the pup at our event. That was heartwarming.”

Yost said the coffee shop is interested in making this an annual event.

“Animals help us through some of the hardest times in our life,” he said. “So we felt that it’s important to help animals when they are going through a hard time in their own lives. A lot of the people helping at the shelter give their time and money and effort with nothing in return. We would love to make this an annual event.”

Humane Society volunteers at Saturday’s event praised the coffee shop for hosting an accessible, family-friendly outdoor event.

“It was a wonderful event, hosted by a lovely establishment owned by a community minded family,” said Esther Salem, a volunteer. “A large quantity of food, cleaning supplies and toys were collected.”

“We met many people in the community who seemed to already know they wanted to adopt, had adopted in the past, and were very sweet to our dogs and cats,” said Lisa Bush Gill. “The location seemed almost perfect for the townspeople.”

Another volunteer, Jennie Sherrard, noted that events like the one Roseland Coffee Bar held are crucial to a shelter’s well being. 

“The compassion and support of the community is what helps to keep the shelter open,” said Sherrard.

For those interested in similar events, an adoption event and bake sale is happening from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 24 at We Lov Pets (450 Pike Street) in Marietta.