With fall in full-swing, I’ve received questions on how to wear capes (and no, I’m not talking about a superhero or vampire cape). I love capes because you can wrap yourself up like it’s a blanket while looking fashionable yet comfortable, warm and cozy. Today I’m writing about different ways to wear a cape, some that you probably already know but maybe one or two you haven’t tried before.

This first image is them very typical way to wear one. Simply drape it over your arms and call it a day!

Or maybe add one more step to the draping and toss one end over your shoulder.
Another way you may want to try is draping it over one shoulder and tying the remaining fabric to the side. I kind of like this way. It gives me a warrior type vibe and I’m digging it.
You could also try wearing it backwards to give it more of a poncho vibe.
Also, when it comes to fall weather it can be so unpredictable so it’s nice to have the option to throw it over your head like a hood if it’s extra windy or rainy.
Lastly, you could even wear it like a blanket scarf and just wrap it around your shoulders and neck then throw on a jacket.

I bought this lovely cape from Schafer Leather during the Fashion Hop and adore the neutral tones. I love pairing black and brown together. Capes are also a favorite item of mine because if you’re rocking a baby bump like me it’s easy to wear and works for after baby too!

Hope you found a favorite way to try wearing a cape! Schafer Leather has a few and I just adore their assortment.

Your Faithful Dreamer,

Courtney Smith