Have you ever heard a new, favorite song for the first time? It’s kinda like falling in love. Hearing a new song, full of story you’ve never heard, full of notes and beats that you don’t expect, and an energy you don’t know how to predict, has a certain magic to it that almost can’t be explained.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s a certain warm fuzzy feeling that can come from hearing a song you’ve heard before, too. Some songs are favorites for a reason, after all. But to me, there’s something so exciting about getting lost in discovering a brand new favorite artist and song. It’s like a missing piece of you was just discovered by a stranger.

With the love of new discoveries, connection and story, I also happen to have a soft spot for artists who are able to take their own words and create songs that can pull you in. If you’ve ever enjoyed this feeling too, you’ll be happy to know there’s a group of songwriters banding together to tour, this summer and they’re kicking it all off this coming weekend, right here in Marietta, Ohio.

I met up with Corey Shields, one of the featured artists at this Saturday’s Rivertown Revival 2, and asked him about what he’s most excited about with this show (and his new CD – releasing this Saturday at the show). He’s been recording his album for the last four months and is excited to share it.

When I asked him about what he loves most about writing, he shared, “Writing music is the greatest feeling in the world. You can take pride in your efforts knowing that you created something from nothing. The two biggest things I’ve learned about songwriting are to trust in yourself and be open to constructive criticism. The audience can tell if you’re faking it. People appreciate honesty, so if you’re open with yourself in your writing, it will show.”

Is there an ultimate goal for Corey, when it comes to his musical career? “I’m honestly not sure that there is an ultimate goal. I love that people enjoy what I’m doing, but even if no one was listening, I’d still be playing and writing. Playing music is my escape from the daily stresses, and I plan on it being a part of my life forever. Maybe that’s the goal – never let it stop being fun.”


This show coming up is going to be a great way to see some of the most talented local songwriters in our area, all in one stop.

“The point of all this is to show off the local talent. We’re all young, motivated, and writing original music. We’re not opposed to playing covers, and many of us do play covers here and there, but the focus is on the original talent that is often overlooked in this area,” Corey shared, when asked what would be going down at the show.

“The idea for Rivertown Revival came from Hayfield & Crow (Jesse Forrest and Luke Green). There is a strong group of young musicians writing original music (in the Mid-Ohio Valley), and we wanted to find a way to showcase it. Not to mention, we’ve all become best friends over the past year, and we’re pretty good at drinking beer together.”

You can join them for a beer this Saturday, for Rivertown Revival 2, at the Marietta Brewing Company. The show begins at 9 p.m., and features performances by Corey Shields, Jake Dunn, Chris Keesey, Levi Westfall and Hayfield & Crow. There is no cover for this show, but bring some cash to support your favorite local musicians – buy their music and merch.

Corey Shields is releasing his new album this coming Saturday (called Only Questions), also available on his website, iTunes and Spotify, on May 1st.

Jake Dunn will have his album “Driving,”available at the show. It’s also available for purchase on his website.

Levi Westfall is working on his debut EP, that will be available soon

Hayfield & Crow will be releasing a new album in June (at another Rivertown Revival stop, TBA). Their current album is available here.