How one local couple seeks to promote a healthier community through wholesome products and clean living

Nestled on the outskirts of Belpre, Ohio sits a small log cabin. From the rough-hewn logs that create the pastoral exterior, to the sweet smelling air inside the cabin – everything hearkens to a bygone time period. The Hamricks, who own Back to the Basics Log Cabin, believe in good living that starts at home. Every product in their store is 100 percent from the earth, and Amanda and Randy Hamrick exclusively craft almost all of it.

Heading into its fourth year in business, Back to the Basics Log Cabin is thriving in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Born from a small honey stand after a corporate job loss, the Hamricks returned to their roots and made a living the best way they know how – from the land. Randy tended to the bees and Amanda started making soaps and lotions to sell in the stand. “We would leave our products in the stand along with $10 in ones for people to make their own change,” Amanda said.

As the stand grew, they realized that they would need more space. Randy built the log cabin to remedy the issue. Amanda began to craft more soaps, lotions and oils as the place expanded. With the expansion of the store, came the inevitable expansion of the customer base. “I used to make everything on my own, but now my husband helps me. It started as small batches, but now I can’t lift the pots anymore when we make soap,” Amanda said.

The cabin is packed wall to wall with products to aid any ailment a customer might have, and Amanda is on hand to offer advice or create an herbal blend to help. She creates her blends of teas and oils after deeply researching the ailments and consulting with other professionals.

“It makes me so excited to help people and make their custom blends. I have people who want off of their medicines. It’s amazing that by changing small things – like soaps or lotions – they can heal them without chemicals,” she said.

With essential oils taking the mainstream by storm, proper knowledge about usage is key. Back to the Basics Log Cabin sources from the United States as much as possible and has full confidence in everything they present to customers. Additionally, customers are welcome to try and to smell the oils before purchasing. Amanda offers helpful blends to treat headaches and a myriad of other problems. The Headache Oil has been known to cure the worst of headaches in less than five minutes.

“We try to help as many people as we can. I have a peppermint oil blend for headaches, and a vertigo blend to try and help with motion sickness. That’s just a few of the many, and we love to create new methods of healing for our customers,” Amanda said.

“I always want to keep it handmade. I want to always be the person who makes it.”

Amanda believes that as a community, it’s important that people start seeking help from natural supplements rather than turning to chemicals. “When your body uses natural, it knows what to do with it,” she said. The products are so natural and gentle that they are suggested for even the most sensitive skin – all products are safe to use on babies and children.

Although the husband and wife team are doing so well that they could outsource the actual making of the soaps and lotions to larger companies, they don’t want that. For Amanda, it’s important that her clients trust her and know exactly what they are using on their families. “I always want to keep it handmade. I want to always be the person who makes it,” she said.

The focus of the store is clearly healthy and whole living in all aspects of life. Amanda keeps freshly made scones and cookies on her counter from a local baker who only uses ingredients that are whole, organic and as locally sourced as possible. The scones are rich in flavor and make the perfect snack. The peanut butter cookie, alone, is worth the drive. Amanda also sells smoothie mixes that promote healthy circulation and provide an additional nutritional boost.

In the back part of the store, visitors can find the new mineral makeup section. Accented with lavender essential oil, Amanda’s makeup selection is wide and suited for sensitive skin. She started her makeup line after realizing that many store bought varieties contain harmful parabens and lead. Along with makeup, they carry hair products like conditioner and a hair growth tea blend.

Amanda wants people to realize the health benefits, and wonderful side effects that come from natural supplements. “People should trust everything they use, and I trust everything here. I use it on my family,” she said.