Now that’s a love note only your MOV Valentine could appreciate. On Friday, Clutch MOV hosted “Prints and Pints” featuring two area businesses—justAjar Design Press provided the “prints” by leading guests through the awesome process of making their own Valentines, and Marietta Brewing Company served up the “pints” along with tasting samples of two of their delicious craft beers.

© Nathaniel Knobel

It was all in the name of collaboration. Recently, Marietta Brewing Company debuted posters for four of their beers—each one designed and printed with care and artistry by justAjar. All of justAjar’s work is outstanding, but the posters really shine.  They are more than just advertisements for the beers; each design tells the story of the brew, the plot containing everything from clues to its name origin to an imagined character that personifies the flavor. (Speaking of the flavor, if you haven’t yet been lucky enough to taste the nectar that is Estella’s Raspberry Wheat, get yourself to Front Street, stat.)

© Nathaniel KnobelOwner Tony Styers from MBC kept the guests laughing and well supplied with cold ones, while owners Bobby and Sara Rosenstock from justAjar let each person take the reigns on the press with Valentines designed just for the event (prompting a thrilled exclamation each time a new print was produced). These two businesses “flow together like the Ohio and Muskingum.” From the stories they each shared, it’s clear that not only have they created amazing products that complement one another, but they’ve formed a friendly bond in the process. Now THAT is small business at work.

No matter the trade, all of our locals’ unique skills come together to make this valley a community. The Clutch staff members were overjoyed to see all of our MOV friends and readers in one place—our sincerest thanks to all of you who made it out last week.  Be on the lookout for an announcement about our next big event! We want to make this a habit.

P.S. If you would like to purchase the Valentines shown here, limited quantities are available for $6 a set. Email clutchmov@gmail.com.