The Mid-Ohio Valley is full of chain restaurants, but for every well-known joint, there is a local eatery bursting with enough flavor to steer you away from those well-established fast-food franchises. Philippines Best Food is one of those very restaurants.

As you may have guessed, Philippines Best Food serves Filipino cuisine, and does it really well. They have several combo meals available on their menu, including Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Barbeque Pork on a Stick. Each combo comes with a side of either fried rice or pansit noodles, and a drink. Each day, they post the daily special on their Facebook page, so be sure to their social media site, just in case your favorite dish is on sale!

In addition to their combos, they offer burritos, an all-day breakfast meal with sausage or cured pork, soup, and desserts. Everything is very reasonably priced– currently, all combos are $8 (only $7 if it’s the daily special!) Starting in January 2015, the price of the combos will raise to $9 due to the rising prices of fresh food (though the daily specials will remain at $7) It is admirable that they don’t want to skimp on ingredients, and are willing to raise the price to continue to keep fresh foods in their dishes. Well worth the extra eight quarters for fresh, local produce and heaping portions of Filipino goodness.

The great food is just one trait that makes this a wonderful local establishment. The staff on hand is always courteous, and helpful. I frequent Philippines quite often, and have never left thinking “Wow, that person must be having a bad day.” The only thing bigger than the friendly atmosphere is the amount of food they give you. The portion sizes are very generous. Often times, I eat half for lunch, and have enough left over to satisfy me at dinner time.

If there is a downside, it would only be that the restaurant offers limited seating. The building is located off of 7th street in Parkersburg, and is quite cozy. There are a few tables outside, and even fewer inside. On a cold day, I’d recommend eating inside if there’s available spaces, or taking your food home. Come spring time, however, it is a great atmosphere to eat outside, and the cooks and owners may come out and have a friendly chat with you.

Overall, Philippines Best Food is one of the best local establishments we have in the MOV. They offer a large variety of exotic food made with fresh ingredients at a price that won’t break the bank. If you haven’t tried this restaurant yet, give them a try — especially if you enjoy Filipino cuisine. And if you have been to Philippines Best Food before, go ahead and go there again– you know you want to.

Philippines Best Food is located at 1757 7th Street, Parkersburg, WV and is open 11AM-7PM, Tuesday-Saturday.