This weekend, Parkersburg might look more like Gotham City, Metropolis, or Star City. Super heroes will roam the streets, villains might cause a scene, and the creators of both will be answering questions. The Parkersburg PopCon will take place at WVU Parkersburg this Saturday from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m..

This is an inaugural event for the college which grew from the ideas of several faculty members. They wanted a way to bring together the community and the college by hosting an event. Slowly, the Parkersburg Pop Con started coming together.

Originally, organizer Peshka Calloway reached out to around 20 different potential vendors. From there, the word got out and other vendors started contacting her. Vendors from all around are piling in to create a great event for the community.

“Right now, we have close to 50 vendors participating who are bringing great products along. There is one company called ‘Bubble and Geek’ that sells really cool pop culture scented candles, melts, lip gloss and more. They really have everything from Harry Potter to Parks and Rec. themed merchandise,” Peshka said.

Local artist James D. Williamson will be on hand cartooning guests, while a DJ cosplaying as DeadMau5 will provide the music. Outside of the college, they are offering Pokemon Go hikes for those looking to catch them all. Panels will take place throughout the day featuring several interesting options like Women in Horror and The Dueling Ogres.


Four Horsemen Comics from Morgantown will present the Tabletop Gaming Competition, while

GameStop is sponsoring the Video Game Competition. Those with a knack for Super Smash Bros. and other popular games can put those skills to the test at the convention. Winners will be announced that night during the closing ceremonies with James Patrick and Jason Lewis.

“James Patrick is one of the presenters that I am most excited for,” Peshka said. “He’s a writer for several comics including Batman and Harley Quinn. He’s offering a panel about what it takes to get started in comics.”

Cosplayers no longer have to travel to major cons to show off the best of their costuming skills. Wonder Woman of West Virginia will be on hand to judge the competition, and those not dressed up will get to see all the great costumes during the competition at 2 p.m. Additionally, the WV Ghost Busters and the 501st Storm Troopers will be mingling throughout the day.


However, the event isn’t just for adults. The organizers haven’t forgot about the kids either – they are creating a separate space called “Heroes in Training” where kids can build with Legos, play Uno and explore great coloring books – all within the pop culture theme.

The family friendly event will also feature some great food during the all day event. Cissy’s Kitchen and The Little Stirr are just two of the local food vendors who will be present. According to Peshka, visitors will be treated to pop culture themed cupcakes, cookies and cakes for sale at the Little Stirr Booth.

The event is $5 at the door and the college is also offering tours for any potential students.