Parkersburg solo-artist, Corey Shields welcomes the summer season with the release of his first full-length album titled Only Questions. This eleven-track album is a steady-rolling train that can best be described as dreamy. With its calming riffs, captivating background harmonies, and atmospheric guitar solos, Corey orchestrates an album that you can sink into; an album you can lose track of time in as you cruise down the road on a sunny afternoon, peer out of the window, and simply think.

Each track tells a story ranging from love to travels. Corey makes a particular emphasis on producing stories that showcase his simplistic yet charming integrity as an individual. “These songs mean something to me,” Corey explains. “They capture a moment or an idea. I’ve learned to be comfortable putting the truth out there for people to hear. When we step back from our daily problems, we realize that in the grand scheme we’re all going through the same things: love, hate, illness, aging, changing, the details might differ, but we’re all going through them. Once I became open with myself, some of my best material came out.” This theme is portrayed through songs like Desire and Days, drawing the listener deeper into the intimate life of the artist himself. Other notable tracks include Be Here Now and Melody that highlight Corey’s gritty vocals, bluesy temperament, and edgy lyrics.

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Adding to the many talented artists in the Mid-Ohio Valley, Corey Shields has risen to the ranks of a “must-see-act” this year. Not only as a serious performer, but also as a friendly face in the MOV community to swap stories with after his shows. Having only spoken with him briefly in person at an open mic at Serenity Coffee House, he promptly gave me his album along with the reassuring compliment that I thought only happened in the scenario between an uncle who’s giving his nephew a quarter for bubblegum, “Here’s something for being cool.”

Make sure to get his album on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, or on his website. Live performances will be happening all summer long. Starting May 20th, catch him at the Rivertown Revival at the Court Street Grill in Pomeroy, Ohio, or at his headlining concert at the Marietta Brewing Company that next week. All additional information on events can be found on his Facebook.