Looking for a fun signature drink for your New Year’s party Thursday night? Let me help you pick a winner (or two)! There are so many drink ideas out there and it’s so hard to pick just one. When I think of New Year’s Celebrations, I think of the bubbly bubbly… champagne. Personally, sometimes the bubbliness of champagne is a little much for me, so I like to resort to a sparkling wine and my wine of choice is a pink moscato champagne!

In these drink recipes, I’ll be using Barefoot Bubbly: Pink Moscato Champagne.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Champagne (flavor of your choice)
  • Naked Berry Blast (or if you’re lucky enough to find good strawberries this time of year, fresh puréed strawberries)
  • Lime
  • Mint leaves (optional)

drink2I’m a huge fan of strawberries and strawberry flavored drinks. My first drink suggestion is a strawberry and lime champagne mixer. I would normally use a strawberry purée, but since it’s hard to find fresh strawberries this time of year, I’ve resorted to a berry smoothie made by Naked. It has no added sugar and is simply delicious on its own!

You can fill your glass to the likeness of how strong you would like your mixer to be. Once you’ve added your strawberry mix/purée, you can add the optional mint leaves and muddle them for flavor. I then squeeze a slice of lime into the glass for taste.

Now you’re ready to add the good stuff! Adding the champagne last will help to mix the drink and give it a nice fizz to the top. You can then garnish with a slice of lime and mint leaves. This drink is super refreshing and tasty!


Have some leftover Apple cider from the holidays? Break that apply goodness out because it also makes a great mimosa mixer!

I hope you enjoy these drinks during your New Years party – or, enjoy them any time!

New Years is a great night to go out to local bars and private parties, but PLEASE always drink responsibly and be smart!

Have a Happy New Year!