My first encounter with Nacho Average Taco was a little bit like a back-alley deal. The kind that you saw on those stupid DARE infomercials as a kid, where some bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, white blonde child was strolling down the sidewalk, books in hand, and an old balding dude in a trench coat steps out of the shadows.

“Hey Kid. You wanna buy something?”

The kid stops suddenly, and looks around nervously for help.

“You’ll like it.” Says the trenchcoated man, as he pulls open one side to reveal a hundred pockets filled with nefarious ways to get up to no good.

Only for me, it was filled with tacos, and there wasn’t a guy in a trench coat, but there was a dark alley, so I guess this analogy was only 37% effective (the deliciousness of the tacos bump it up to 40%).

I’ll start over: I happened to be out way past my bedtime (of 10pm) getting ready to leave a bar, and on my walk home I heard someone call out from the dark alley,

“Hey, you wanna buy some tacos?”

I stopped suddenly, and looked around for who was offering me said tacos, and then noticed that there were two figures and a cart (that smelled wonderful). Of course I couldn’t refuse, so a minute later I was eating the most delicious Korean BBQ taco I’ve ever had. Thus began my love affair with Nacho Average Tacos.


Since then, Chelsea Lancaster and Derek Burgess outgrew their space in the Commons, sold the cart and moved to their current location at 114 Putnam Street in Marietta. They also outgrew their menu and have added everything from appetizers to sushi tacos! Recently I caught up with Chelsea to ask what inspired this culinary adventure and what Marietta can look forward to engorging themselves with in the future.

How did you come up with the idea of opening Nacho Average Taco?

My partner and I were watching “The Great Food Truck Race” on TV and became absolutely obsessed with the idea of owning a mobile food business. A few months later, we started the food cart and eventually the restaurant.

Are you a big fan of puns?

It’s punny that you would taco-bout that. And yes, very much so.

How long have you been cooking?

My mom says I’ve been cooking since I was 3, so I’ll just stick with that answer I guess.


If you were forced to eat just one of your tacos for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Bourbon Chicken Tacos! I could never get sick of them. Speaking of which, they’re on our new permanent menu!

If your tacos could give anyone who eats them a superpower, what would it be, and why?

I would say the ability to eat as many tacos as they want without gaining weight. The reason is obvious I hope. (We sell tacos)

If someone has somehow made it this far in life without eating a taco, which of your products do you recommend for the taco beginner?

First of all, are there people out there who really haven’t eat a taco?? Also, I would recommend our “build your own taco/burrito” menu, which has multiple meat, toppings, salsas and cheese to chose from.


How are you liking the new space?

The new space is absolutely wonderful! We couldn’t be more pleased with it.

I have seen that you are expanding your menu. Any exciting things coming down the pipe you want people to get excited about?

After seeing how popular the sushi tacos and sushirritos have been the last few weeks, we decided to keep them on the permanent menu! We are so excited to add new flavors and options for them every week.