With the warm yellow walls coupled with the falling afternoon sun, it is hard to be unhappy in The Mustard Seed Cafe. The cafe is cozy, and the smell of rotisserie chicken wafts from the kitchen to the front of the restaurant. Katie Radabaugh, managing partner, server, chef and veritable Jackie of all trades checks on the evening’s dinner special of steamed broccoli, scalloped potatoes and the rotisserie chicken.

View More: http://livhefnerphotography.pass.us/livhefnerThe Mustard Seed Cafe is a relatively new deli-style restaurant located at 218 N 7th St. in Marietta, OH. Walking in, visitors are greeted with a large chalkboard menu hanging above the ordering counter. Items range from the popular Reuben to a vegetarian Cranberry Royal option.

The Ham and Swiss Melt, although simple sounding, is an item not to miss. Additionally, it’s a good gateway sandwich to some of the more intriguing sandwiches on the menu. The ham is served warm, covered in a rich Swiss cheese and topped with lettuce and tomatoes. Although the sandwich would pair well with regular chips and a pickle, if feeling adventurous consider adding the Tomato Basil Coucous. The couscous has to be one of the best things on the menu.

For those with a more venturesome palate, the Cranberry Royal might just be the way to go. The sandwich is packed with apples, arugula and cranberry chutney. Add some turkey to make it one of a kind.

The sandwiches are original creations. Katie learned her trade not through a culinary school, but through hands on learning.

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“When I was younger, I took care of an elderly lady who taught me to cook and bake,” Katie said. “She taught me to make hot rolls that were so good and we would eat them warm straight out of the oven with butter.”

Many of the recipes Katie uses in her kitchen come from her family’s kitchen. The dreamy lemon bars she makes are her mom’s recipe. Many other recipes come from her grandmother.

“When we first opened up, my grandma would send me recipes and little cards every week. She lives in Florida and would call to see how things were going,” Katie said.

 Although Katie spends most of her time working at The Mustard Seed Cafe, she is also a mother.

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“Although owning a bakery was always a dream of mine, I do this for my son.  I want to provide for him and I know this will be worth it in the end,” Katie said.

In addition to her work at the cafe, Katie works with her business partner from Boat House BBQ to form Tasteful Occasions Catering. The catering business offers a variety of foods for any type of celebration, meeting or party.

“I love to cook for people, and I want people to really enjoy what they’re eating,” she said.

The restaurant is open 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and then again from 4 p.m.-8 p.m. with extended hours in the summer. Katie offers daily dinner specials for pickup or to eat-in.