What’s better than a sunny spring-like day in February in the MOV? A sunny spring-like day that falls during MOV Restaurant Week, that’s what! I had the privilege of hitting up The Hideout on Wednesday and let me tell you, this is one place you do not want to miss. Hopefully you’ve already experienced some of the delicious dining of the participating 18 restaurants. If not, I highly suggest you jump on board one of the $30 meal deals each restaurant is offering. Don’t know where to start? I just might be able to entice you with The Hideout’s menu as your starting point.

Let me make this clear: I went into The Hideout on an empty stomach. I was fully prepared to have room for each course. Let me make another point clear: the $30 for the three-course meal is worth every single penny. I walked in hungry and walked out full, with a pizza box containing 11 slices of pizza that I alone could not finish in one sitting. Let’s start first, fittingly, with the appetizer.

For Restaurant Week, The Hideout is offering one of three choices for apps: meatballs, wings (with choice of bbq, mild, or hot sauce), or homemade deep fried pepperoni rolls. Although I love me a good wing (or seven), I knew I had to sample the pepperoni rolls. Why you may ask? Allow me to elaborate. Not only is the dough made from scratch, it’s made from a family recipe that’s over 70 years old. Yes, you heard that right, 70 years old. Do the words Pastime Pizza in Marietta, Ohio ring any bells? Ah, now I definitely have your attention. The dough recipe that was used for Pastime’s crust is the same recipe used here at the Hideout for their bread dishes. I’m all about homemade anything, but a dough recipe that’s decades old that has MOV ties- that’s extra special.

It wasn’t long before my friendly server brought me the pepperoni rolls. There are six rolls total and although I knew I should probably save room for my next two courses, I couldn’t help but devour all these pepperoni gems in no time at all. The Hideout knows what they’re doing with this app. Pepperoni rolls are delicious, but deep fried…next level. My taste buds did not disappoint me by detecting the freshness of the homemade dough. There’s a slight sweetness to the dough that helps balance out the saltiness of the pepperoni. Also, deep frying the dough gives the rolls a nice crunch. The rolls are cut into wedges which make them perfect for dipping in the marina sauce that accompanies them. And that marina sauce…delicious. There was plenty for each roll. The sauce was fresh and the sweetness of the tomatoes shone through. It was perfectly accompanied by the blend of cheese and Italian herbs mixed in.

Onto the second course! For the entrée, I had the choice between three different pizzas: The Hideout Deluxe, Bangin’ Buffalo Chicken, or Totally Taco. I opted for the Bangin’ Buffalo Chicken. Let’s just say when the server set this pie on my table, my eyes widened a little bit. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, it was huge! I somehow missed the memo that this was a 14” pizza, aka 12 slices to go around, aka I really needed three friends to help me finish it. However, just like the first course, it was delicious. This pizza had a pleasant little kick to it. Of course, like the name implies, there is chicken and buffalo sauce. But the added footnotes of green peppers, onions, and bacon gave this buffalo chicken pizza an extra boost. The homemade dough didn’t hurt matters either. The crust was thin with a touch of crackly crunch that made for a delightful eating experience.

With basically a whole pizza staring me in the face, one would think I’d take my dessert to go. Not so! It was time for my third and final course and I eagerly awaited it. I had the choice of a chocolate ganache lava cake or a cherry cheesecake. Never one to pass up chocolate, I went with the lava cake. Once again, I had a huge, delicious portion staring up at me from the table. I mean, this lava cake is the stuff dreams are made of. It had the perfect combination of being decadent, but not heavy. The ganache melted in my mouth with each spoonful. And bonus- it came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Those that know me know I’m not a big à la mode person but the ice cream was just the right cool touch to the warm cake. Having a “Man v. Food” moment, I was able to eat all of my lava cake and ice cream, save for one bite. Food definitely won with this visit.

With three delicious courses, what more could I ask for during this trip? Well, I’ll tell you. I was greeted with kindness the moment I stepped through the door. My server was super sweet and consistently checked on me to make sure my dining experience was great. Paula Oates, the masterful hands behind my mouthwatering dishes, even took the time to chat with me between courses and ask me how everything tasted. There is a vibe of camaraderie at The Hideout that makes a person feel comfortable and welcome. So whether you’re scouting out restaurants to dine at during Restaurant Week or you’re just looking for some awesome food with a friendly atmosphere, I strongly suggest giving The Hideout a try!