The Mid-Ohio Valley Players open their 2021-2022 season with a lighthearted British comedy, Bedroom Farce. Written by Alan Ayckbourn and directed by Kermit Polan, this fast-paced 1970s era romp through three bedrooms showcases the trials and tribulations of four couples brought together one night for a house warming party. 

“The biggest challenge of the show was trying to squeeze three bedrooms onto our stage” shared Polan. This was accomplished by stacking the rooms one behind the other. Effective use of lighting makes it easy to follow the action between the bedrooms.

The play centers around a disastrous party, hosted by Kate and Malcolm. A fight, tears, a misplaced kiss, and some pretty odd affirmations drive husband and wife, Trevor and Susannah, into the bedrooms of every other couple. Trying to save their marriage, Trevor and Susannah seek advice and solace from the other couples. Wonderfully neurotic Trevor, just doesn’t understand that the world does not revolve around him while Susannah, who is so broken, ends up in the bed of Trevor’s mother for some lessons on a happy marriage.

While the entire cast is wonderfully talented, Morgan Maciag and husband, Nathaniel Maciag who play Jan and Nick, are quite frankly hilarious. Their physical comedy combined with witty writing keep the audience laughing throughout the entire play.

To contrast them are seasoned actors, Kathy Biery and George Faber, who bring a more subtle depiction of marriage. They keep their home fires burning with naughty bedtime snacks and lots of innuendo. This is not the first time these two actors have played love interests so their natural chemistry makes watching their scenes heartwarming and relatable.

MOVP welcomed newcomer Ashton Michael to the stage as the ditzy Kate who brings a lighthearted touch to her character. Playing opposite of her is husband Dyrk who takes the audience through the rollercoaster of emotion as his marriage is tested.

Ike Eastwood and Vanessa Rake are the glue that holds the plot together as they bounce from bedroom to bedroom disrupting everyone else’s lives while trying to fix their own shortcomings. Both actors bring humor and angst to their roles. 

This play does contain some mature themes.

The MOVP is a totally volunteer organization providing quality entertainment. Bedroom Farce has three remaining shows:  September 24 and 25 at 8:00 and September 26 at 3:00. Tickets are $13 and can be purchased in advance or at the door.