“What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know. What do you want?”

“Let’s just order in.”

The above conversation takes place in countless homes across the Mid-Ohio Valley every night. Several people have posted on social media about board game spinner solutions to finding the perfect place to eat. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and avoid trying something new, or heading out to a place that has a notoriously high price tag attached to it. However, a new event in the Mid-Ohio Valley is bringing fun and exciting options to the dinner dilemma.

The inaugural Mid-Ohio Valley Restaurant Week is coming to an eatery near you this week. Running until March 4, patrons can participate in a culinary experience for only $30 per person. Each participating restaurant will offer a three-course meal option consisting of an appetizer, entrée and dessert.

There are 13 delicious and locally owned restaurants available from which to choose. Representing both sides of the river, it’s not hard to choose a new one every night. The following establishments are participating:

  • Austyn’s Restaurant
  • Boathouse BBQ
  • CJ’s Italian Kitchen
  • daVinci’s Italian Restaurant
  • JP Henry
  • Mango
  • Marietta Brewing Co.
  • River Town Grill
  • Spagna’s
  • Spat’s at The Blennerhasset Hotel
  • The Galley
  • The House of Wines
  • The Levee House

Restaurant Week has been a collaboration of local businesses to bring the event to fruition. Buzz Foods, the creator of the event, wanted to host an event that would bring the residents out to try something new, but to also possibly rediscover some old favorites.

“The Mid-Ohio Valley has a great selection of locally-owned restaurants and we hope the public will be excited to participate in this event,” Dickinson Gould, President of Buzz, said.

Even the branding for the event is a locally sourced item. Caroline Sigmon, an intern at Just a Jar designed the logo and menus for the event.

Each restaurant carefully prepared a menu that would appeal to regulars, but also pull in new faces as well.

“I wanted something simplistic, yet flavorful to attract the locals. I created a fish and steak option because people like that. People here love a good steak – and who doesn’t want some fresh cut fries?” Executive Chef Rick Argoso of Spat’s at The Blennerhassett said.


The fresh cut fries Chef Argoso is speaking of come paired with a grilled flat iron steak, sautéed green beans and a béarnaise sauce – which recommends is great for fry-dipping.

Overall, Chef Argoso hopes that restaurant week will encourage people to go out and try new places for dinner.

“This week gives these restaurants a chance to really showcase what they can do. I want locals and non-locals to see what the Mid-Ohio Valley has to offer. This will be a chance to really bring people out,” he said.

Nicole Slattery, Marketing Manager at The Blennerhassett Hotel, believes that an event like restaurant week is a chance for local businesses to unite. She believes that restaurant week is a chance for everyone to come together, and that it’s a wonderful community event. Dickinson echoes Nicole’s thoughts as well.

“The goal of Restaurant Week is much greater than just drumming up business at what is typically a slow time of year in the restaurant business.  Although that’s important and valuable, During Restaurant Week, diners can have great meals at one fixed price and also feel great about supporting small business,” Dickinson said.



Sally Oliver, Chef and Owner of the House of Wines in Marietta, has participated in various Restaurant Weeks as a manager, a consumer, and an employee during her time in Boston and Vermont. This week, she is excited to participate in the Mid-Ohio Valley’s first Restaurant Week, featuring options that include a Chicken Cordon Bleu Strips appetizer with Honey Mustard Sauce and a Chocolate Bourbon Pie with Bourbon Whipped Cream.

Although tickets are not necessary, the restaurants are encouraging reservations. The menus and updates are available on the Mid-Ohio Valley Restaurant Week Facebook.