MOV Musician Relief Fund

While financial relief has been made available to businesses, organizations, and nonprofits to aid in recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic, little has been made available to those who rely on live performances and creative pursuits. Resources that are available are often reserved for those who are employed full-time in the creative industry, and not designed to help those with additional sources of income. For many of our local musicians here in the Mid-Ohio Valley – who contribute to the cultural identity and richness of our community – the inability to perform live for most of last year has had a significant impact on their livelihood. As a community publication whose mission is to uplift and celebrate the good in our community, we’ve partnered with the Deacons of First Presbyterian Church in Marietta, Ohio to provide financial relief to local musicians who have suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The First Presbyterian Church of Marietta’s Deacons have funded $6,000 to create the MOV Musician Relief Fund. This fund is not intended to make up for all lost revenue in 2020, but to help lessen the loss by providing some financial relief. Local musicians can apply for relief and receive up to $300 each.

Applications will be accepted through March 3rd, 2021, at which time all applications will be reviewed by a panel. All applicants will be notified of their application status by Saturday, March 13th.

Interested in joining the Deacons of First Presbyterian Church of Marietta to fund this effort to support our local creative community? Email

MOV Musician Relief Fund Application
Eligible musicians must live in Washington County, Ohio or Wood County, West Virginia and must demonstrate that they have had to cancel at least one live performance in 2020 where they would have received compensation and did not due to the cancellation. Each member of a band should complete this application individually.
This can include booking fees, ticket sales, merch sales, and tips that you would have otherwise earned.

Want to contribute to the fund to help more local musicians?