When I think of fashion I tend to revisit the fashion over the years and how relevant each style and trend can be during present day.  I love vintage jewelry but it can be a challenge for some to mix it in with modern fashion.  With that being said it made sense to set this photo shoot at The Betsey Mills Club in Marietta, Ohio. Here I am styling modernized vintage fashion, which can best describe the transformation of The Betsey Mills Club. It’s no longer the “same old Betsey.” There’s new programs and a new age group; a modernized Betsey!

Many of you have heard of Twisted Sisters Boutique in Marietta. But have any of you heard of the clothing line they now have access to called, Doncaster? You can order some of their beautifully constructed pieces just like this beautiful navy knit dress that I paired with a modernized pearl set. The fit of this dress was to die for and the fabric is absolute quality.  I chose this dress because it was a timeless look and an easy start to introducing vintage with modern.



For a true modernized vintage look, I decided to use my faux-leather jumper with one of my favorite local jewelry designers, showcased at Twisted Sisters Boutique. Her name is Kate Mulligan of Mulligan Stew Jewelry. This statement necklace pairs perfectly with this look. I absolutely love the dark, mysterious look. You could easily flip this look by pairing it with a bold floral print dress. I also decided to go with a flat shoe that is a modern take on a loafer to keep this look a little more casual.  And who can resist a fedora? Hats can be an intimidating thing for women to wear but they add a fun flare to an outfit.  I say go for it! Step outside your comfort zone.

AMR_6103_clu AMR_6113_clu AMR_6167_clu

This pinstripe dress resembles a “man’s dress shirt.” The pinstripe look is a classic print and very easy to wear. The jewelry has a more modern and industrial touch. This design was created by Carol Mullen of Cutting Edge Jewelry. It’s very versatile as you can wear it a few different ways. I chose to wear it as a choker to work with the neckline of this dress.

AMR_5876_clu AMR_5899_clu

I also loved pairing this bracelet from Samkas with all the metal dangles to help accentuate the metal pieces in the necklace. This is a great piece that can be worn with so many looks and can also be found at Twisted Sisters Boutique.

AMR_5961_clu AMR_5963_clu

If you like this pinstripe dress you can visit a local online retailer through this link and get a special discount using yours truly code: RANDOMOSITY740 

Photographer: Andi Roberts of Hot Tomato Studio

Makeup Artist: Tonya Winebrenner

Stylist and model: Courtney Smith of Ran.dom.o.si.ty 7.4.0

Jewelry and Navy Dress: Twisted Sisters Boutique

Pinstripe Dress

More Mulligan Stew Jewlery