The Minted Vintage Market, an up-scale, open-air market and unofficial fall kick-off, offered a “day of simple joys” to visitors at the Wood County 4-H Campgrounds Saturday, Oct. 3.

John and Megan Duncan, Minted Vintage makers, share a mission of creating quality, handmade goods that will offer a lasting and unique impression in clients’ homes. They reuse and salvage where they can, and when they can’t, they strive to waste as little new material as possible. The Market has become a signature event for the couple. “Truly, the day was such a joy,” Megan said. “We are just blown away by the support of this community. Everyone was kind and patient, and many customers told us it was a day they needed. It was a breath of fresh air!”

“We couldn’t have been more excited to gather the more than 60 incredibly talented artists, creatives, curators, makers, and pickers who were on display; our vision is to showcase local talent through a diversified group of small businesses,” Megan said. “They worked so hard to prepare for our visitors’ arrival, and it was wonderful to see so many appreciate their passions and abilities. We aim to utilize the most talented makers and artisans in the Mid-Ohio Valley and the surrounding areas.”

Vendors ran the gamut from candle makers to jewelers, with florists, clothing creators, and potters in between – truly something for every customer in attendance. Visitors also could select pumpkins and gourds from the Pumpkin Truck and pose with a festive autumn display. Early-bird tickets were $10 and featured wristbands that allowed holders access to the Market at 9 a.m. with special discounts and gifts from more than 20 vendors. General admission tickets were $5 and available online and at the gate. The market opened to the general public at 10 a.m. and closed at 4 p.m.

“It was a mad rush in the morning. A few vendors sold out within the first hour! Many of our vendors told us they had a record sales day, and one vendor said she’s been doing this for 20 years and never sold so much during a one-day event,” Megan said. “Several of our new vendors this year participated due to the Pumpkin Festival in Milton, West Virginia, being canceled; it typically occurs on the same day. They said they would be coming back to the Market from now on!”

The 2020 Minted Vintage Market, the second of its kind, featured safety protocols necessitated by the COVID pandemic, like additional space between vendors, and the Duncans considered customers’ wellbeing a top priority.

“We had to make many changes this year due to COVID. We were not able to offer food trucks, live music, or extra activities. We also had to require masks inside the barn as well as outside when physical distancing wasn’t possible,” Megan said. “Regardless of those changes, everyone seemed to have a great time! The weather was beautiful, and there was plenty of shopping to enjoy.”

While food trucks were not present, many vendors offered pre-packaged snacks and bottled beverages. Available foods included caramel apples, caramel corn, freshly baked bread, local honey, roasted almonds and pecans, iced cookies, ice cream, pretzels, and homemade salsa with bagged organic tortilla chips.

“Next fall, as long as things are closer to ‘normal,’ we plan to bring back food trucks, live music, workshops, and other fun activities,” Megan said. “We will be keeping the more spread out layout we used this year as well as the sanitizer stations; those were positive take-aways or additions to the Market this year!”