MWL awards $70,000 in grants to local charities.

2021 brought additional challenges to the Mid-Ohio Valley with the continuation of the Coronavirus pandemic. These difficulties impact everyone, especially local nonprofit and charitable organizations. While the Marietta Welfare League was no exception, this did not deter the group from supporting local nonprofit organizations. The global pandemic forced the women’s organization to cancel planned fundraisers and periodically, their largest source of fundraising, The League Shop, located within Marietta Memorial Hospital. 

The largest challenge faced by the group in 2021 was once again, how to continue with the League’s Community Grant Program. This program has been granting funds to local nonprofits and service organizations for over three decades. Most of the funds given come directly from profits of The League Shop. With the Shop’s temporary closures, the budget was again tighter than in past years. The need was greater than ever, however, so League members stepped up to the challenge once again.

Angie Huck, General Treasurer and Joyce Danford, League Shop Treasurer proudly display the total of $70,000 awarded for community grants in 2021-22.

Forty-one grant requests totaling nearly $136,000 in need were submitted by area groups. League’s Finance Manager, Mindi Line and General Treasurer, Angie Huck organized each online request and followed up with every organization. The applications were meticulously reviewed by League members to assess which requests met the requirements and prioritize those by need. In total, 31 organizations received a portion of the $70,000 budgeted amount.

“It takes all of our members to make our group the best it can be.” said President Susan Strauss.

The group is passionate about local food insecurity issues, as well as causes pertaining to children and seniors. Eighty percent of this year’s budget ultimately supported grants with an impact on healthcare; feeding community members; children and senior needs. Some of these grants will provide books, activities, and education for children and art therapy for adults suffering with dementia.    

Memorial Health Foundation Executive Director, Jarrett Stull poses with Marietta Welfare League President, Susan Strauss and General Treasurer, Angie Huck. Memorial Health System is pleased

The League hosted a bagged lunch reception on January 25 for recipients to accept their grant checks. Representatives of 17 of the organizations receiving grants were in attendance. The reception is a highlight for League members. It is a great time to meet with representatives from the local groups, hear their stories of service, and really learn about how their work impacts community members. 

The Marietta Welfare League is a nonprofit volunteer organization based in Washington County, Ohio. The women’s group has been providing volunteer services and financial support to the county since 1926.  MWL facilitates The Shoe Tag Fund, which provides shoes for Washington County children in need; Music in the Park, as well as owns and operates The League Shop, a coffee and gift shop located within Marietta Memorial Hospital. One hundred percent of profits from The League Shop go directly back to Washington County, Ohio via the MWL Community Grants Program. For more information on the group, how to become involved or make a gift, please visit

2021-22 MWL Grant Recipients

  1. American Legion Auxiliary Unit 389
  2. American Red Cross
  3. Belpre Area Ministries
  4. Betsey’s Learning Tree Infant/Toddler Center
  5. Betsey Mills Club
  6. Boys and Girls Club of Washington County
  7. Building Bridges to Careers
  8. Daily Bread Kitchen
  9. Eve, Inc.
  10. First Congregational Church Outreach Board
  11. Friends of Sternwheel
  12. Go Packs
  13. Greater Marietta Community Food Pantry
  14. Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Ohio Valley
  15. Hervida 4-H Camp Inc.
  16. Humane Society of the Ohio Valley
  17. Marietta City Schools Science Department
  18. Marietta Franciscan Community Meals
  19. Memorial Health Foundation
  20. O’Neill Senior Center, Inc.
  21. Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired, Inc.
  22. Pioneer Pilots
  23. Presbyterian Church of Beverly
  24. The Castle Historic House Museum
  25. The Right Path for Washington County
  26. Tunnel United Methodist
  27. United Church Homes
  28. Washington County Harvest of Hope
  29. Washington County Homeless Project
  30. Washington-Morgan Community Action
  31. Washington State Community College