Is walking, running, or swimming not enough for you? Are you looking to add some excitement to your boring old 5K? Then it sounds like you need to find yourself a Mud Run.
Mud Runs take your normal 5K (or longer) course and spices it up with obstacles and – you guessed it – mud.

Obstacles in a mud run include hurdles, monkey bars, hill and mountain climbs, barbed wire crawls, mud trenches, pond swims and more.

Most Mud Runs offer a competitive wave and a non-competitive wave. If you aren’t a competitive person, consider putting together a group of friends, family or coworkers, coming up with a fun name, making cute or funny costumes and tackling the course at your own pace while having fun, supporting each other and making memories along the way.

Tiffany Morris, who has participated in the Turkey Trot, Color Me Pink Run and wacky and traditional 5Ks said, “The mud run was a great opportunity to stretch my normal 5k boundaries. It took the monotonous lull out of the traditional 5k and replaced it with excitement.”


The obstacles of a Mud Run aren’t always a piece of cake. “It pushed my limits and made me work harder but in the same sense, it was also fun,” she said.

Tiffany did the mud run with a group of coworkers. She said she enjoyed doing it as a group. “There was a lot of team work, everyone was eager to lend a helping hand,” Tiffany said. “It made me want to push my boundaries further and see how far I can go.”

There are many different races throughout the year all across the Unites States and many of those take place in the tri-state area. Over the last couple of years, the Marietta YMCA and the Washington County Career Center have put on a local mud run. The run has grown in entries every year and is projected to do the same next year.

“Over 500 people participated this year. An increase from about 250 from last year,” said Suzy Zumwalde, CEO of the Marietta Family YMCA. “I Really enjoyed hearing the excitement from those that our mud run was their first ever and they completed it.”

Thanks to the Washington County Career Center, for allowing the YMCA to use their facilities and nature trail, and to their sponsors and over 30 volunteers, their Mud Run was a success.


If you’re looking for a challenge, a list of mud runs can be found here! Check out the complete album from the Marietta Mud Run with photos from Josh Stephens Photography.