The Marietta Marketplace is a unique, mobile curated market showcasing the products of local and regional vendors and small businesses. This marketplace is located just footsteps from downtown, providing visitors the opportunity to browse booths of art, quality handcrafts, vintage goods, and much more.

This year, Clutch MOV is hosting two Marietta Marketplace events! Both events are currently accepting vendor applications. Please click to read more about each event!

Here’s what vendors had to say about previous events…

The Great Marietta Marketplace is an amazing event that we look forward to every year. We know there’s going to be a fabulous selection of vendors, excellent organization and communication, and the tremendous support by the MOV community. Whether you’re a shopper or vendor, the Great Marietta Marketplace will not disappoint!

Heartmade Candle Co.

Marietta Marketplace was my first step selling out of WV and it did not disappoint. Great space, great crowd, great market, and great historic city with more small businesses around! Sarah and Cristie are lovely to work with!

The Hippie’s Daughter

We love the Marietta Marketplace! What an amazing community and open air market. The vendor selection is great. The music and park offer such a great shopping experience.

Four Acre Clothing Co.

These ladies are committed to promoting each vendor and their events leading up to the Marketplace. They genuinely try to make it a great experience for shoppers and vendors alike. Spoilers Diffuser Jewelry was proud to be included in the line up of vendors for the Holliday Marketplace!

Spoilers Diffuser Jewelry

The great Marietta Marketplace is one of my favorite events of the year. I’m always so glad to come back to this beautiful little city.

The Baker’s Rack

It was a lovely event and you all outdid yourselves!!! Thanks for inviting me and thank you for putting on an amazing event!!

Perfectly Pink

The Great Marietta Marketplace is an amazing event with a great crowd that is a pleasure to interact with. It’s a great experience when a customer tells you that they’re glad you came back to the Marketplace. It’s the people that make me want to come back each year.

Dept. 100