Next month, Marietta College is hosting the 3rd Annual Mid-Ohio Valley Entrepreneurship Expo (MOVEE). This one-day conference brings aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees together with educators, industry experts, students and resource providers. Participants will have a chance to hear inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs, attend a variety of workshops, and network with other businesses and community leaders throughout the day. 

“MOVEE is a unique conference that makes it possible for entrepreneurs in all stages of their endeavors to come together to inspire and educate each other,” said Jacqueline Khorassani, Ph.D., Director of Marietta College’s Entrepreneurship Program and the lead organizer of MOVEE. “This year we have scheduled three sets of five concurrent workshops from 9:00 a.m. to noon, each designed with a specific audience in mind.” This year’s workshops address topics like cyber security, low-budget video production, employee engagement, funding strategies, marketing, and much more, each led by local industry leaders.

Attendees at the 2017 MOVEE

After lunch activities include a keynote presentation from Robert Metz, Senior Vice President of Business Operations and External Affairs of Horizon Pharma and a Resource Fair. “The Resource Fair and Networking session will provide an opportunity for established business owners to connect with their future interns, employees and customers,” said Khorassani. “It also makes it possible for students and aspiring entrepreneurs to build and expand their professional network.”

During the conference, Clutch MOV will also be announcing the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year. After receiving dozens of qualified nominations from all across the Mid-Ohio Valley, five finalists were selected. We look forward to uplifting these innovative, passionate individuals and the success Following the award ceremony, Marietta College is hosting a special PioPitch session open to all conference attendees.“I hope that attendees leave the conference feeling that they had a very productive day,” said Khorassani. “If they are aspiring entrepreneurs, I hope that the conference inspires them to develop their ideas further and connects them with a few people that can guide them in taking their next steps. If they want to do their business more efficiently or if promotion and expansion is on their mind, I hope that the conference provides them with some ideas on how to proceed.”

The MOVEE was established in 2016 to encourage entrepreneurs in their efforts and provide practical tools to help them succeed. “Economic growth depends on the quality and quantity of the factors of production, including natural resources, capital, labor, and entrepreneurs. As you know, the Mid-Ohio Valley is rich in natural resources,” said Khorassani. “We also have plenty of capital. What we need is more creative and informed entrepreneurs that take advantage of what this area has to offer in order to create more economic activities in our area.”

While there are a variety of organizations in the Mid-Ohio Valley that provide a range of services to aspiring and existing business owners, not everyone who can benefit from these services is aware of them. “Our objective is to educate and inform existing and aspiring entrepreneurs and make it easier for them to connect with resources that are beneficial to them. There is no reason why the Mid-Ohio Valley can’t become a destination for creative minds. We want to help increase the inflow of young and educated population into our area. We can do it. MOVEE can help.”

cleardot.gifThose interested in attending can register to reserve a spot!