A brand new boutique opens in downtown Marietta

Visitors to Marietta’s downtown have been intrigued recently by the front windows of 166 Front Street, filled with balloons and a sign announcing that “Pretty Things are Coming Soon.” The iconic Stanley Grass building is the new home of Lucky One Apparel + Home, owned by Lauren Farrar and scheduled to open this Saturday, October 9.

Farrar left the Mid-Ohio Valley to pursue a career in the music industry but after graduating from Belmont University, she soon realized that she didn’t have an interest in the politics that permeated the music business. Meanwhile, she had been working at a Buckle store while attending school, and was drawn to retail.

“I had zero retail experience prior, but ended up learning a lot about retail, marketing, display, and sales,” she said. “I found that I enjoyed working with customers and felt like I was creating positive experiences through helping them shop and find what they love”.

That experience led to Farrar opening a shop in Nashville in March of 2020. It was just days after a tornado had torn through the area, and just weeks before COVID-19 turned the country upside down. As if the pandemic hadn’t created enough difficulties for small business owners, on Christmas morning of 2020 the unthinkable happened to Farrar’s shop. An RV filled with explosives was detonated by a suicide bomber, injuring several people and destroying a section of Nashville’s downtown.

Farrar recounted the bizarre event. “A man parked his RV loaded with an explosive device directly across the street from the store on Christmas morning in 2020. Our store was directly located across from a building that was built to be bomb-proof in a line of historic buildings very similar to Marietta’s front street. When the bomb went off, all of the impact bounced off of the bomb-proof building and slammed into ours, completely destroying it and creating major damage for those around us. There were no casualties, but the damage was too extensive for most of the businesses to even consider rebuilding or reopening. I can’t describe the feeling other than complete disbelief.”

I can’t help but to think to myself…if he would have chosen another day, another time…I could have been a casualty.

Although the destruction meant the end of Farrar’s boutique, there was a reason to be grateful. “The craziest part is that I remember seeing the RV parked outside the store a few days prior, before I came home for Christmas,” said Farrar. “I can’t help but to think to myself…if he would have chosen another day, another time…I could have been a casualty. Hence the name for the store: ’Lucky One’. It’s very personal for me.” 

Choosing Marietta as her next location was an easy decision for Farrar. “I’m really into historic buildings and towns with a great local business community!” she said. “The store in Nashville was located in a historic building, and I really wanted to keep that same character, minus the craziness of downtown Nashville. I feel confident in Marietta’s current and future growth and want to be a part of it.” 

Her excitement is obvious as she describes her mission in opening Lucky One. “I want to create a very laid back, unique, affordable, and fun retail experience that also creates a sense of community. I want everyone to feel welcome in the store and be part of the Lucky One family.”

As any small business owner can attest, moving or opening a new retail shop is stressful and requires long hours of hard work. Farrar explained that although the physical move was difficult, she is looking forward to doing business in a quieter town that keeps her close to family. And locating in the Stanley Grass building is definitely a plus.

The stained glass is gorgeous, the windows bring in phenomenal light, and it has great historical significance.

“I love how iconic it is on front street,” said Farrar. “I don’t have to explain specifics when giving directions or trying to explain the location, most locals know. The stained glass is gorgeous, the windows bring in phenomenal light, and it has great historical significance.”

Downtown Marietta boasts a number of charming boutiques, and Farrar is excited to bring a different style to Front Street. “I would describe my style as very bohemian/eclectic/southwestern. I always say, ‘imagine if Steven Tyler and John Wayne had a fashion baby.’ I really love handmade, locally-made, and pretty much just anything very unique and original. Some of my retail influences are Free People and Anthropology, without the hefty price point.”  

Stepping inside the bright red door, the shop’s interior is bright and calm and filled with natural light pouring in through the historic façade. Styled with vintage fixtures and modern flair, the first word that comes to mind is cozy. Visitors will discover trendy clothes and accessories, and home décor that expresses Farrar’s unique aesthetic and style. The Lucky One social media accounts have already generated excitement and offered some sneak peeks of new products.

After the opening on October 9, Lucky One will be open Tuesday-Thursday 11am-5pm, and 10am-6pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The shop will be closed on Sundays and Mondays. Farrar plans to participate in special events such as Marietta Main Street’s First Fridays and has plans for holiday specials and pop-up events. Stay up to date and follow in Facebook at Lucky One Apparel + Home or on Instagram @shopluckyone.