This little hashtag means a lot to us here at Clutch MOV. It’s not just another catch phrase we toss around — it embodies our mission and our brand all in one. We use it to highlight moments of ‘living and loving life in the Mid-Ohio Valley,’ whether it’s a stunning vista of the river or a cup of coffee with a friend. These are only a few of the many reasons why we love living here in the valley, and we want to proudly put these moments on display to show the rest of the world what makes this place so special.

On instagram, this hashtag has been used almost 1,000 times. To us, this is an amazing thing – to see so many moments of happiness captured. It means that we are a community who takes pride in our local shops, our brick streets and our landmarks. It means that we enjoy our lives here and the many blessings that we have been granted. And we thank all of you for sharing these moments with us and putting a big smile on our faces.

This month, we want to fully embrace living & loving our lives in the MOV with articles that highlight some of our favorite features in the valley. We are also so very excited to present Issue 01 of the same theme as our first printed issue! Our writers, photographers, interns and art director have poured their hearts into this project. We hope that you will join us later this month to celebrate the release of Issue 01 as well as our first year anniversary– we will be throwing a grand old party at the Marietta Brewing Company on April 25th, so stop by to say hello and grab your very own copy of this labor of love:


We know you are going to love it – not because we presume to know all, simply because your love for the MOV is clear in your support of this magazine and our staff. This issue is for you that your love may always continue to grow.